Liverpool May Make Transfer Window Bid for Benzema

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly ready to make a bid in the neighborhood of £50 million to try to steal Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema to address the scoring issues the club has been facing. There are conflicting reports about how likely it will be that the deal will get done, however. Although there are media reports that Benzema is not going to be at Madrid for much longer, their president, Florentino Perez, is making statements to the contrary.

On the face of it, there seems to be little incentive other than the financial for Madrid to make the deal. Perez has said that he has no plans to shop for a reinforcements during the January transfer window, and Benzema would not be going anywhere unless they found some major talent to replace him. Those statements, however, fly in the face of rumors that he is targeting Kun Aguero and Marco Reus in an attempt to field a “dream team” of the two of them along with Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems a tall order to arrange, but stranger things have happened.

Failing the bid for Benzema, Rodgers may pursue Porto’s Jackson Martinez as an alternative. Though his agent has denied any intention on the part of the Columbian to leave Porto, rumors abound that not only is Liverpool pursuing him, but the Tottenham Hotspurs as well. The latest reports are that Tottenham have the intention of pulling out all of the stops to beat Liverpool out for Jackson. It is a toss-up between the two who need the help on the attack more.

Adding to the transfer window dynamic between Liverpool and Tottenham are the rumors that Rodgers is interested in getting 22-year-old Christian Eriksen from the Spurs. On the face of it a foolish move for Tottenham given the excellent start he has made to the season, the considerable interest in him not only from Liverpool but several other European clubs, may drive the price up to a realm where it would be considered. It would take the certainty of being able to make other moves to improve the club considerably to make it happen, however, in all likelihood. Rodgers is faced with considerable opposition with most of the targets currently rumored to be on the radar. Finding the solution to the deficiencies in the club’s attacking capabilities will not come cheaply.

With the departure of Luis Suarez, however, the club has not been able to cobble together an effective offense this season to even approach the level of productivity seen last season. That being the case, the Liverpool manager is facing increasing pressure to make something happen with his transfer window bids. Benzema would be a coup for him if he is able to make it happen. One person will not solve all of the issues facing them this season however, and as January approaches, the rumor mill will certainly be buzzing with other potential moves. Rodgers is not likely to sit down and let the conflicting agendas of some of the European clubs dictate his moves. Already reportedly ready to throw £50 million at Benzema, that is likely just an opening salvo going into a long transfer window month.

Commentary By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of The Sport Review – Flickr License

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