Madonna: 6 Songs After Hack All Become iTunes Hits


After a recent hack attack, Madonna decided to release 6 new tracks from her upcoming Rebel Heart album, all of which have succeeded in topping iTune charts around the world in a matter of hours. In 36 countries, the 6 songs, which were released in an unfinished demo form via the hackers, have become iTune hits.

The 6 tracks released by the Queen of Pop filled half of the Top 10 iTunes chart in the United States for much of Sunday. Now, just two songs currently remain there, B**ch, I’m Madonna with Nicki Minaj at number 6 and Living For Love in the 10th spot.

That is just in the U.S. According to Madonna’s spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, the 6 songs have been successul in just about ever country they have been released in, and “In seven of those countries, she had multiple number ones. The single Living for Love is currently number one in 20 countries.”

The 6 songs, collectively, can be purchased at iTunes, also, and are called Rebel Heart. Rebel Heart has hit number one in 41 different countries on the iTunes album charts. Individual tracks from the album have hit number one in 29 countries.

With the early Christmas present of the release of these 6 songs, the original Material Girl just might have managed her jumpstart her career. They are reminders of how she became the hottest musical artist on the planet and the songs show that Madonna still is one of the best female singers around.

Madonna, who is set to perform at the Grammys with Macklemore, has also had hits on the iTunes charts with the other songs, like Devil Pray and Ghost Town. Ghosttown is more of a soulful, emotion-packed ballad, but it has proven to be another one of the songs off of Rebel Heart which has charted on iTunes charts.

Other tracks released were the industrial-sounding Illuminati and the island-inspired Unapologetic B**ch. The complete Rebel Heart album, on Interscope Records, is scheduled to hit stores on March 10, 2015.

The most popular song of the 6 appears, so far, to be the single Living For Love. In 20 countries, it currently is in the number one spot on the iTune charts.

Late last night, she told her fans that had preordered Rebel Heart that the release of the 6 songs was “an early Christmas gift” for them. Not long after that, the 6 songs entered into the TOP 10 on iTune charts in countries all around the globe. The Queen of Pop became the number one trending topic on Facebook and still trends there. On Twitter, #RebelHeart and #Madonna have been trending all day Sunday, December 21.

Besides Madonna, other people given credit as producers of Rebel Heart are Kanye West, who produced Illuminati; Diplo, who is credited with producing Unapologetic B**ch, B**ch I’m Madonna, and Living For Love; DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds, who produced Devil Pray; and, Billboard, who produced Ghosttown.

The 6 songs by Madonna which were released last night from Rebel Heart have all become iTune hits. The songs were recorded in Los Angeles, London and New York. For fans of the Lucky Star singer, it is beginning to look a lot like…Madonna.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Toronto Sun
Madonna Official Site
Photo by Fiona Hodge – Flickr License