Madonna Denies Feud Rumors

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Madonna is once more denying rumors of a feud with fellow singer Lady Gaga. In her second attempt to dispel feud rumors this week, the singer took to Instagram with a new message following an earlier Twitter post from her manager in regards to the alleged feud. Madonna’s Instagram post included a picture of Lady Gaga with the addition of a face netting that has become a new trademark for her latest album Rebel Heart.

The rumors of a feud started after lyrics from Madonna’s upcoming album Rebel Heart were leaked in a hack that is ongoing since last month. Last month a number of songs were leaked from the forthcoming album. Then last week, Madonna released a collection of six songs from the leaked album that is scheduled to be put out soon. After the release another 14 songs were also leaked. Among those leaked songs is one titled Two Steps Behind which is being rumored by many as a jab at Gaga. In the lyrics for this particular song an unknown individual is called a copycat, which many are saying is in response to Gaga’s song Born This Way which drew comparison’s to Madonna’s 1989 hit Express Yourself.

Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager, took to Twitter in an effort to deny any further rumors of a feud following the hacked release of additional lyrics. In a post on the social media site, Oseary said that the song is not in reference to any one specific person and in particular the song is not about Gaga. He also said that this song was never supposed to be finished and is not scheduled to be released in the future. The manager also said that there is no ill will towards the other singer and in fact Madonna had recently been enjoying the duet album with Gaga and Tony Bennett.

In an effort to once more clear the air, Madonna herself went on to Instagram to discuss the rumors. In the post on that particular social media platform, the singer said that there were people in the world who would try and silence her but would be unable to. She said that women are still discriminated against and that people are also very hateful. She said that these rumors were basically an attempt to create problems between strong women and that she has never had any ill will towards another female artist. The singer also said that she would not defend her lyrics especially ones that were not only unfinished and unpublished but also were stolen.

Since August and the initial hack, rumors have swirled about a feud between the two singers. Although Madonna is denying feud rumors between herself and Gaga, she is also using this as a way to take a stand against those individuals who chose to steal her work. In her post, Madonna says that the world is big enough for everyone and takes her own jab at those who would try to cause a rift between powerful women in the business. The album, Rebel Heart, which started all of the rumors is scheduled to be released in March 2015.

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