Megan Fox and Husband Brian Austin Green Hit by Drunk Driver

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FoxOn Thursday evening, Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green were involved in an accident when they were hit by a drunk driver. Fox and Green were uninjured in the crash; however, Green did tell People that although they both walked away from the accident and were physically okay, the two were shaken up. The couple who have two sons together plus Green’s son from a former relationship were happy that their children were not in the car at the time of the incident.

At the time of the accident on Thursday, Green and Fox were driving in his Range Rover. The driver of the other car who was apparently under the influence of alcohol, was coming from the opposite direction. The alleged drunk driver then crossed over the double yellow lines into the oncoming traffic when the car struck the Range Rover. The airbags in the other vehicle apparently deployed and the driver hit the airbag. When Green spoke to People about the accident he said that the other driver was able to get out of the vehicle.

FoxThe Los Angeles Police Department did confirm with People that they had arrested the driver of the vehicle that hit Fox and her husband Green for driving while drunk. One night after the accident Green was at the Night of Generosity Gala where he got the chance to speak to the magazine about the incident. Green also spoke to US Weekly at the gala, in which he described the accident in more detail. He told them that he was driving about 25 miles per hour while the other vehicle seemed to be driving closer to 50 miles per hour. Green also told US Weekly that the accident was a head on collision. He said that although he and Fox were not injured in the accident it made them both think more about life.

As Green said, it is a life changing event to be in accident with a drunk driver. He said that at the time, he had already started to relive the event over and over. Green went on to say it has made him question whether there was something he could have done differently. There were also moments to be thankful for, he told the magazine. After the crash Green said it was like a time to be grateful. He said that he thanked God and felt he needed to have more moments where he was appreciative about life. He already feels that the accident has changed him. Fox has not spoken about the accident but her rep has said that both husband and wife were fine.

Fox and Green are only the latest in a growing list of celebrities who have been involved in accidents with drunk drivers. Recently, Dwayne Johnson’s mother and cousin were hit by a drunk driver. Both women survived the accident but were injured in the collision. Johnson posted pictures of the accident on his Instagram of the car which was completely totaled. There was also an incident with soap opera actor Corey Sligh, who was hit by a drunk driver as part of an altercation at Thanksgiving.

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