New Hampshire Kidnap Suspect Kibby Faces Over 200 Charges

New Hampshire

Indictments against a New Hampshire man who is alleged to have kidnapped, imprisoned and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old teen for a period of nine months in 2013 were released today. According to the documents, which were issued by the New Hampshire Judicial Branch, Nathaniel Kibby has been charged with over 200 crimes by two different grand juries. Among the charges filed against 34-year-old Kibby in  both Carroll and Coos counties are assault, criminal threatening, illegal use of both an electronic restraint device and a gun, indecent exposure, kidnapping, robbery, over 150 counts of sexual assault and witness tampering.

The kidnapping charges allege in part that he kidnapped the girl and kept her from escaping for the purpose of sexually assaulting her, and that he caused her serious injury during her captivity and did not free her in a safe place. In addition, he is charged with keeping the minor from her parent. Kibby is charged with robbery because he allegedly took the teen’s phone while using a gun, an offense which alone could be punishable by a prison sentence of up to 20 years. The criminal threatening counts indicate that he is alleged to have threatened the victim’s life with a gun, while the gun violations come from the allegations that he brandished a gun while kidnapping, detaining and sexually assaulting the teen. The electronic device charges stem from an allegation that Kibby shocked the New Hampshire teen for attempting to include hints as to his identity in a letter which was mailed to her home.

Guardian Liberty Voice does not identify victims of sexual assault. In addition, during Wednesday’s press conference, authorities requested that the media refrain from publishing her image or her name from now on, even though her name and picture were well-publicized not only throughout New Hampshire, but nationally as well while she was missing. They believe that keeping her anonymous would be good for her mental health as well as that of any future sexual assault victims.

The victim in the case was allegedly kidnapped in Conway, New Hampshire, while walking home from school on Oct. 9, 2013. Her case drew the attention of the nation. Two months later, her mother received a letter which implied that it came from the teen and caused fear that the girl was in danger. She reappeared at her home on July 20 of this year, but officials did not release many details regarding her sudden return, which added to the mystery surrounding her kidnapping. The teen released a statement following her return in which she thanked searchers and well-wishers, adding that she believed their “hopes and prayers played a major role in [her] release.”

Court documents released on Wednesday allege that Kibby placed a shock dog collar on the teen and forced her to wear it for a period of time long enough to scar her neck. In addition, the papers indicate that Kibby showed a rifle to the girl and threatened to hurt not only her family, but also police and bystanders if she gave anyone information that might identify him. He is also charged with taping the teen’s eyes shut and binding and gagging her.

Kibby was taken into custody in July at his Gorham, New Hampshire, home on charges of felony kidnapping. He has remained in jail in Carroll County on a bail of $1 million since then. He is scheduled to be arraigned for over 200 charges in Coos County Superior Court on Jan. 8, which is where he is alleged to have imprisoned the teen. He will appear the next day in Carroll County Superior Count, which is where prosecutors say the teen was abducted, to face five charges. Should Kirby be convicted of all charges, he will face a prison sentence of between 822 to 1,644 years.

By Jennifer Pfalz

Boston Herald
Conway Daily Sun

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