People Magazine Awards Debuts on NBC [Recap]

People Magazine Awards

A new awards show, People Magazine Awards, debuted on Thursday, December 18, 2011 on NBC. It was hosted by Nick Cannon live, from The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 18, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California, and showcased some of today’s hottest musical performers and stars. It was a star-studded awards show, and the last one of the year.

The People Magazine Awards began with host, Nick Cannon, welcoming everyone to the first annual People Magazine Awards. He said, besides the awards, 5 Seconds of Summer, Gwen Stefani, and others will be performing live. Nick also said that he has appeared in the pages of People Magazine a few tiems in 2014.

The first award on the People Magazine Awards show was for Comedy Star of the Year. It was presented to actor and comedian, Kevin Hart. He said, accepting the award, that his upcoming film will be called Wedding Ringer.

There was a short bit then called “Celebrity Pets of the Year,” showing photos of celebs and their pets. After that, it was time for the second award presented on the People Magazine Awards show, for TV Performance of the Year Actress. Lisa Kudrow was named the winner of the award. “This is lovely,” she said, accepting the award. “This is such a huge honor!” she said.

Photos from “Weddings of the Year,” were then shown. People’s Sexiest Woman of the Year Award will be presented after a commercial break, according to the announcer, right before the first commercial break of the show.

People Magazine Awards

After the break, Nick Cannon welcomed Karlie Kloss, People Magazine‘s Model of the Year. she introduced Maroon 5, the first musical act to perform on the People Magazine Awards show. They performed their hit song from V, Animals.

Maroon 5 got the audience pumped up with this huge hit, and Adam Levine howling elicited cheers from the females in attendance. Everybody stood the entire time Maroon 5 played, and clapped wildly when they finished the song.

Following the performance by Maroon 5, it was time to award the People Magazine Next Generation Star. The winner of the award was Chloe Grace Moretz. She thanked People Magazine for “this amazing honor,” and her “amazing fans.” Then, the show went to another commercial break.

Nick Cannon talked about the People Magazine Charity Trend of the year, the ALCS Ice Bucket Challenge, and showed clips of famous celebs who took the challenge. Chris Pratt said it “was refreshing.”

People Magazine Awards

The next award was given to actor Jon Hamm, from Mad Men, for People Magazine Awards TV Performance of the Year, Actor. Clips were shown of him acting in highlights from the popular series, Mad Men. The audience gave him a standing ovation as he walked up to accept the award. After his acceptance speech, the show headed to another commercial break.

Nick said the show was “live, so anything can happen.” He said the next presented was Nicole Richie. She presented the People Magazine Award for Celebrity Role Model of the Year. Kate Hudson won the award. The announcer said “She is a role model for Hollywood and beyond.”

Hudson received a standing ovation from the audience, also, as she walked onto the stage to accept the award. Among her advice to young women was “to take risks,” and “don’t let anyone, ever, push you around.”

Then, Nick Cannon talked about some of People Magazine‘s Viral Videos of the Year, and showed scenes from some hilarious YouTube videos. Mutant Spider Dog was one of them, and two girls singing Let It Go. More commercials ensued.

When the show came back, People Magazine Awards Sexiest Woman of the Year award was presented. Model and actress, Kate Upton, won. She is definitely deserving of this award. She said “Sexy is a word meaning confidant and happy so she was honored to accept the award.

Another award was then given, for the People Magazine Awards Talk Show Host of the Year. Jimmy Fallon was chosen as the winner. Fallon is a pretty funny host, though he was not on hand to accept the award, probably as he was busy with hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York City.

Following another commercial break, Nick Cannon showed some scenes of 5 Seconds of Summer. The group is one of the most popular ones in the world. They performed The Romantics’ song, What I Like About You, off of their latest album. It is a rockin’ song, and 5 Seconds of Summer helped breath new life into it with their energetic performance. The audience stood up during the entire song, and cheered the band on.

Then, the People Magazine Awards Movie Performance of the Year, Actress, award went to Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer is an amazing actress, and has appeared in a lot of great movies. She won the award for her performance in Cake, as a person who attempts to commit suicide multiple times. Some very dramatic scenes from the movie were shown before Jennifer walked onto the stage to accept the award.

People Magazine Awards

Pharrell Williams, who seems to be everywhere, presented the next People Magazine Awards award, to singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani, for Style Icon of the Year. She is an extremely talented fashion designer, succeeding in that world, just as she has in the world of music.

“OMG! Crazy!” she said, accepting the award. She went from designing clothes for her Barbie dolls and for herself when she sings with No Doubt to creating a fashion designing empire. She will be singing later in the show. First, more commercials were in store….

Next came the People Magazine Awards show award for Breakout Star of the Year. It went to Billy Eichner. “Thank you for this…beautiful silver tube,” he said, accepting the award. He does a comedy bit called “Billy on the Street,” and has appeared on Parks & Recreation.

Then, scenes from this past season’s series, The Walking Dead, were shown, and a Sneak Peek at the Tim Burton movie, starring Christoph Walz and Amy Adams, Big Eyes. After that, more commercials followed.

Ryan Phillips, from Secrets and Lies, presented the next People Magazine Awards show award, to Mindy Kaling, from The Mindy Project, for TV Couple of the Year. It went to Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina, who walked onto the stage to accept the award.

“There’s some things that writing just can’t express,” Chris said, when Mindy insisted that “Great chemistry comes from great writing.” He demonstrated, by caressing her hair and head, acting very romantic towards her.

Melissa Rivers then mentioned the passing of her mother, the comedy legend Joan Rivers, and honored other actors and actresses who have passed away this past year, like Robin Williams and Jan Hooks from SNL. The presentation of the People Magazine Hero of the Year Award will be coming up after more commercials.

Returning from a commercial break, the People Magazine Hero of the Year award was presented to ┬áMiss Laura Sandigo, for her work with helping children of immigrants to America. She gave an emotional speech, saying “Children are our future.”

Gwen Stefani, who was a coach on The Voice, performed her latest hit, Spark the Fire, with her collaborator and co-star on The Voice, Pharrell Williams. She showed of her impressive rapping skills during her performance. She and Pharrell lit up the stage and electrified the audience. The choreography with the colorfully dressed dancers was a cool touch, also. Again, the audience stood up for the entire performance. More commercials followed.

The cover of People Magazine that the most people voted for as being their favorite of the past year was the one of Robin Williams. His passing was a tragedy, and he will be missed.

Then, the People Magazine Awards Triple Threat Award went to Jennifer Lopez, as she is a triple threat as an actress, singer, and producer of movies and TV series. Her albums have sold over 75 million records. She is the first woman to have a number one movie and song at the same time.

Jennifer Lopez said that “I feel so blessed and fortunate to be doing what I do.” She got very emotional, talking about “cherishing every moment,” and remembering those who have passed away. “I’m so grateful for my career and my life, and feel that this is just the beginning — and it is,” she said.

Jeff Bridges presented the People Magazine Awards show award for Performance of the Year, Actor, to Michael Keaton, for his awesome acting job in Birdman. “That’s a national treasure, that guy,” Keaton said, referring to Jeff Bridges. “I’m extremely grateful,” he said, both to his fans and “everyone who has given me a helping hand.”

That marked the conclusion of the debut People Magazine Awards show. It was pretty cool, and had some great musical performances in it. Next year’s should be even better! Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village

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