Prince Harry Reveals Big Secret on AIDs Campaign

Prince Harry

While on a campaign for AIDS, Prince Harry has revealed a big secret about what scares him. Clarence House tweeted yesterday that it was going to happen, and encouraged people to listen in. He was joined by a number of other celebrities, who shared their biggest fears in the FeelNoShame campaign.

According to the fourth-in-line for the British throne, his biggest fear is public speaking. It is surprising for many considering the amount of public appearances and speeches that he has to make. Luckily for him, he does not have the same stutter that his great-grandfather King George VI suffered from, which made public speaking for him extremely difficult. George VI’s stutter problems and lessons to rectify that were the focus for the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech.

The Twitter FeelNoShame campaign was run by Prince Harry’s Sentabale charity, and done for World AIDS Day. The British royal and Prince Seeiso, from Lesotho, founded the charity together in 2006. They were struck by the southern African young people and children impacted by both HIV and AIDS.

A number of celebrities got involved in the campaign by sharing their own greatest fears. Some celebrities included Daniel Ricciardo, Joss Stone and Will Greenwood. It was a chance to open up with their followers and fans, while helping to raise more awareness for AIDS. Luke Franks also got involved sharing the secret that he sometimes chooses a pair of women’s jeans to get a better fit. Christian Eriksen also shared that he had already eaten all the chocolates in his advent calendar. While that was not a fear, it was a secret that he had kept.

Prince Harry revealed a big secret during his AIDS campaign, which would have shocked many. He did it through a video message at 1pm GMT, and told people that he gets nervous before he has to speak in public. He even went as far to suggest that he gets anxious at times, especially when he is wearing a suit. After confessing that, he wonders if the nerves will be worse now because there is that thought that more people will look at him.

Prince Harry is still shocked at the impact that AIDS and HIV have on African children. According to statistics that he shared, it is the second highest reason for the death of people between 10 and 19 years old around the world. It is also the main cause of death across the whole of Africa for that age group. He shared that in an earlier YouTube video to mark the start of World AIDS Day.

December 1 has been marked as World AIDS Day since 1988. It was done to raise more awareness for the virus, and encourage more people to donate. There is still no cure for AIDS, and only treatments to slow down the advancement of HIV.

During his videos, Prince Harry noted that there is still a stigma and shame attached to HIV. This leads to children dying when they really do not need to, all because they choose to hide their illness. That feel of shame led to the FeelNoShame campaign. People are encouraged to share their secrets with the hashtag, so that children in Lesotho and other areas are not ashamed of admitting theirs. Prince Harry was a true British Army officer and led by example by revealing his own big secret on his AIDS campaign.

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