Scorpion: Dominoes (Recap and Review)



While the jury is still out over at CBS on whether Scorpion will be brought back for at least one more season, Dominoes, the series’ Christmas episode pulls out all the stops and by the show’s end, there should not be a dry eye in the house. Viewers watching the installment over the Internet should probably cover their laptop or keyboard with waterproof material. There are a few chuckle worthy moments and as usual they center around Happy and Toby. Oddly, for a Christmas show, Ralph’s newly resurfaced father Drew does not make an appearance. Walter’s sister, Megan does figure in the holiday and family themed episode with enough presence that if the show is brought back for a second season, she will most likely come with.

At the start of the show, Paige brings in some personalized gifts for the gang at the Scorpion garage and is dismayed at the lack of excitement that the geniuses exhibit about the holiday. Happy, Toby and Sylvester all have there own depressing memories of Christmas and Paige is upset that the three are so jaded. Walter is down at the beach with Megan having an O’Brien “Christmas Fat Burger.” As the brother and sister visit, Walter notices a young boy having problems flying his kite.

O’Brien goes over to help and literally lifts the kite up and it takes to the air with no effort. When the boy asks how Walter could do that, he replies that he “knows stuff.” The youngster responds that he does too and tells Walter that Benjamin Franklin’s kite did not get struck by lightning at all, that the story is just a myth. The head of Scorpion is impressed by the intelligent lad and he returns to Megan.

Walter tells his sister that he has pulled a few strings to get her into an experimental drug program and Megan says that she does not need new drugs to save her life, she needs a miracle. As the two discuss their differing opinions, the boy, Owen, gets caught under a combination of a rockslide and sinkhole. Water is rushing into the small space faster than rescue efforts to reach him. Sylvester initially guesses that they have almost an hour and a half to rescue Owen. A short time later, he reveals to Walter that nerves made his calculations wrong and they only have 56 minutes. Meanwhile they learn that further rock slides are likely to occur and that if they do, the existing rocks will collapse like dominoes.

They also believe that scuba equipment can be lowered to the boy when the water gets too high. Walter lowers a cell phone down to Owen and talks to him on a tablet via Skype. Toby notices that Owen is breathing oddly and they learn that he injured his chest in the rock fall and cannot use the scuba gear or it will kill him. Owen gets to speak to his parents for a split second before their cell phone runs out of power and Paige takes their place to help calm the boy down.

As the Scorpion team gather and work on getting the boy out, they learn that his leg is trapped under a 200 pound rock. Sylvester has gone missing, Happy and Toby head back to the Scorpion garage to make a miniature jack to free Owen’s leg and Walter has worked out how the boy can survive under water without breathing. O’Brien hooks the boy to a machine used during surgery to put oxygen in the blood. He explains that the boy cannot breathe in and that he will come back for him.

Happy and Toby build the tiny jack and they talk about her father at the garage and Toby tells her she needs to tell the man who she is, especially at Christmas. Back at the beach, Sylvester is told by Megan to man up and he rises to the challenge. As time runs out on Owen, another rock slide cuts off his oxygen and he stops breathing for over five minutes. Walter risks his life to get the kid out, “I made a promise,” he says while going back into the hole one last time.

This Scorpion Christmas show, has a happy ending, Walter gets Owen, with a little help from team Scorpion and spectators on the beach and Happy’s dad tells her he has always known she was his daughter. Megan tells her brother that she now believes in miracles and will undertake the drug trials and Walter, along with the rest of his team, discover more of their humanity. Scorpion has been increasing the quality of each episode in the first season. Granted, the odds were stacked ludicrously heavy in the “miracle” show, but by the end of Dominoes only the most jaded and hard of heart will not be reaching for the tissues.

By Michael Smith