Secret Santa Touches Lives in Kansas City in a Most Unusual Way [Video]

Secret SantaKansas City Missouri has been touched by the kindness of a Secret Santa in a most unusual way. A local business man has done this type of paying forward every year, but decided that this year he wanted some help. Handing out money to those that need it most, is nothing new for this prosperous and generous man, however he wanted other people to see and experience this most giving of seasons. He enlisted the help of the Kansas City police department, and hopes that this years Secret Santa sends an important message to both the citizens and the police themselves.

Police in general have been perceived as heartless and cruel and most recently discriminating. It becomes hard for the public to separate the bad from the good, especially when it comes to the police. The media which is also placed into that category of reporting only the bad things that happen, is the vehicle with which the world will become acquainted with the softer side of the men and women in blue. CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley is the first to show the world this most amazing footage of Secret Santa at work through the most surprising traffic stops ever.

Pelley is the managing editor of the CBS Evening News and has an extensive career in broadcast journalism. He reports on some of the most disturbing and controversial topics, and it is engaging for the fans of his newscast to see how touched he is by this video. For those that are not fans of his type of news reporting they may be taking a second look at him for bringing such an uplifting story to a country in torment by the real and perceived abuses of today’s police departments. Reality is that police officers around the world have families, and as big a heart as the next guy, however in their line of work, being ¬†soft, polite and giving is not really part of the job, as it could get them hurt or worse. Letting your guard down during a work shift is not something that these guys are used to, but the rewards of giving to those in real need, becomes most apparent throughout this inspiring clip.

This video hit the internet through Pelley’s CBS Evening News Facebook page, and has been traveling around social media ever since. Some will not be ready to see the police in such a giving way, as hate is a hard thing to set aside. Others will feel the spirit in which this Secret Santa has meant for this to be taken. Each 100 dollar bill is stamped in red with the words “Secret Santa” and this anonymous business man is shown in the video handing out one thousand dollars in hundred-dollar bills to each police officer. This Holiday season is a wonderful time to pay it forward, as there are many men and women out there that do not have the money to buy their children Christmas presents, just like the one young woman who was the lucky recipient of a hundred dollar bill, as shown below.

By Kristi Cereska

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
Washington Post

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