South Africa Minority to Benefit If Britain Leaves the EU

South Africa

Jack Sen is the UK Independence Party (UKIP) parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, in Britain and believes South Africa Minority group could benefit if Britain leaves the EU. Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally. Sen the UKIP parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has a special connection to South Africa.

Sen spent many years in South Africa, and grew jaded living under the anti-western Marxist African National Congress (ANC) ruling party. Sen watched as South Africa fell under Marxist rule. Sen fought back as an activist and remains an outspoken critic of the West’s hypocrisy toward the genocide of minority South Africans.

Sen also discussed the love for both Britain and South Africa and why the countries need to co-operate to end the excessive violence, corruption, and genocide.

Sen explained, “There’s so much we share as people. It is a  proud history we share. We fought alongside one another in both World Wars. Most minority South Africans have British ancestry. I could go on and on. To think Britain has closed the door on the Commonwealth because of the membership of the EU makes me ill. It is not just counterproductive to the British national interests, but immoral.”

During the interview, Sen expressed deep feelings for South Africa and during the conversation; it appeared as though Sen had no plans for visiting the country anytime soon. The health risks and involvement with local British politics were factored as the main reason.

Sen replied, “Not for the time being. It is simply too unstable, and there is much work to be done in Britain. I am dedicating my time to my endeavors in West Lancs with UKIP. Hopefully, to help Britain get back on track and for our friends in the Commonwealth to benefit.”

Sen has not forgotten South Africa, a nation held dearly. The parliamentary candidate firmly believes that Britain should accept without delay the Afrikaner people for humanitarian reasons.

Sen explained the deep connection to South Africa, “I have a profound respect to South Africa and feel an immense amount of compassion to the South African people based on the time I spent in the country. What I have witnessed happening to it since my departure.”

Sen, a Commonwealth advocate, believes Britain’s future is tied to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The history unites the countries who, he believes, firmly must consider joining with South Africa.

Sen explained the value of connecting, “We should be strengthening our bond through trade with the people we have most in common with. We should not play fourth fiddle to France, Poland,  and Germany, in the European Union. We are being exploited by Brussels. It is shocking to watch as Britain gets sold out.”

“Leaving the European Union will enable Britain to trade with the countries of the Common Wealth. Right now we get so little of our wine from South Africa; despite the fact it is better and cheaper (before tariffs).”

“Many South African applicants who’ve applied for Visas live under constant threat. Having British relations, and even more importantly from our standpoint, have the skills we can use, and the means to support themselves financially. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Instead, by being a member of the EU we are forced to accept people based on their EU citizenship, not our needs.” he added in explanation, ” It also means that worthy Commonwealth applicants with Ph.D.’s, MBA’s and degrees in medicine have been rejected as well. The National Health Service has a Britain has a shortage of doctors who are willing to work full-time. There is the dire need of engineers for our failing manufacturing sector.”

“The British immigration policy dictates that we cannot convince engineers, doctors, and nurses in the country. Professional people needed to drive the economy. The policy allows the culturally compatible husbands, wives and children of South African victims who need assistance a safe place in Britain.The people of South Africa have as much to offer us do Britain.”

“Leaving the EU will also, more importantly, allow us to satisfy our immigration needs through culturally and linguistically compatible people. People that we share a common history with, culture, ancestry that we fought alongside during the last two world wars. The EU forces us into allowing anyone and everyone living within the confines of the EU access to Britain. They do not have to have the skills we need, prove their worth or be able to support themselves financially. South Africans would have to satisfy all of those prerequisites before entering. Then there is the fact we would actually be helping people who are under constant threat. Sounds like a better option to me!”

When asked why the British left and media have had so little compassion for South Africa, and whether it was a non-existent interest from the British people in recognizing the possible genocide of the white and minority South Africans, Sen answers, “The Left, the Marxists running the Labor Party, see South Africa as the last vestige of colonialism. For some reason when the left sees South Africa, they see racism, apartheid, and oppression. They forget that the white, Indian and mixed communities are the actual minorities and are the ones being oppressed. In a way, it mirrors how UKIP is perceived and treated by the British media.”

Asked if there was any particular reason people should not see South African whites in a negative manner and as colonial rulers, in reply to the question Sen said, “The same reason we do not see the Americans and Canadians as colonizers. People need to move on. Besides, and this might draw some people’s ire, but the tribes inhabiting southern Africa have lived by the spear for millennia, and I mean that with no disrespect. Historically as Europeans have lived in a similar manner. The land has typically been held by the tribes wielding the largest spear. The question is why the European tribe that settled in South Africa is not afforded the same privilege, after conquering and developing the land.”

Although Sen has a background in forestry and construction and holds an honors degree in British Commonwealth history, something that profoundly influences the foreign policy views. It is the family’s British military pedigree that gives Sen a unique perspective on Britain’s role in the world.

In closing Sen said, “One thing that differentiates me from the Labor and Conservative candidates is my real world experience. It is an experience that has been forged entirely in the private sector, and not behind the comfort of a desk. I have worked in building, construction and tree farming. West Lancaster needs a real person at the helm-someone who knows how to get his hands dirty.”

“I am foremost a British patriot. That is the reason it concerns me to see the major political parties conspire together at the expense of our well-being and national sovereignty. It is a travesty against the local people the amount of money sent overseas. I will fight to stop this charade if I am elected.”

The dedication to truth, more than anything biological, is the reason Sen has compassion for the Afrikaner. Sen lives for the pursuit of truth and justice. It is the reason Sen is involved in politics and wants to see Britain on the right track. The UKIP is the only way forward in Britain, in his view.

Interview By Laura Oneale

Interview with Jack Sen, a political candidate in Britain.


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