‘The Evolution of Song’ an Epic Viral Video [Video]


Put together a group of super-talented kids from all walks of life and you get Pentatonix (PTX) and their rendition of the evolution of songs in one epic viral video. For many, this video will be their first taste of the group, however they have been around a while and are just now taking off. They have become so popular that they are going on tour in 2015.

The group started out with three members, but when they wanted to audition for NBC’s The Sing-Off, they found that the rules stated there must be at least four in the group. Kirstin, Mitch and Scott, the three original members, recruited Avi, who was known for his a capella style of music, and Keven, who the group found on YouTube. They won The Sing-Off in 2011 and have been going strong ever since.

The group consists of five talented people, four of whom are from Texas, who have made their mark singing music a capella, but the road was not always smooth. After winning the NBC singing show, they were dropped by their label, so they formed a YouTube channel and began making music videos. In line with their age group, they took social media by storm with an evolution of music. They now have over seven million followers, with over seven hundred million views of their videos collectively. The group mainly sings popular songs in their own unique way, and has recently put out a Christmas album with songs like Silent Night, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and many more. Although most of their music is of pre-existing popular songs, their arrangements and non-use of instruments has defined them in a category all their own.

PTX has a number of compilation songs and the Evolution of Song is sure to be their next hit to reach over three-quarters of a million views. The transitions are smooth, the vocals are pure and refined and with only beats created by members of the group, it is a strong portrayal of music throughout the years.

The video chronicles popular songs and song genres from the 11th century to the 2010s.  There is not much movement by the group in the video of Evolution of Song, and there is nothing to distract from the distinct voices and sound of the four male members and one female, who received a gold record in 2014 for That’s Christmas to Me, which is also featured on their Christmas album. Their album is their first release in the United States and is said to be the highest ranking album for the holidays since 1962.

PTX is starting out their 2015 tour in Texas and will continue on to a whirlwind tour of 13 states and Canada beginning in February, ending back home in Texas in May. Their website boasts more followers than Beyonce and they are scheduled for a number of holiday events this season. No matter what your taste in music, this video is sure to delight, as it goes from classical to today’s biggest hits in one seamless evolution of music. One listen is sure to get one searching the Internet to find their holiday album.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska


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