‘The Voice’: Elite Eight Become Fab Five Results Show [Recap]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Elite Eight competitors left this season will become the Fab Five by the end of the episode. Viewers across America have voted after watching last night’s The Voice, and the Bottom Four vote-getters are at risk. Only one of them will be “Instantly Saved” at the end of the hour-long episode, and three competitors were sent home. Also tonight, RaeLynn sang God Made Girls and Christina Grimmie sang With Love.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, opened up the show by welcoming Chritina Grimmie back to sing With Love. She was terrific, singing this beautiful song, which showcased her soaring vocals. the audience swayed their arms in the air, and Adam, who had been her coach, gave her a standing ovation as she finished singing.

Carson Daly then said “It is time now to reveal who America saved. I have the name of the first artist who was saved. America saved — from Team Adam — Matt McAndrew!” Then, The Voice went to the first commercial break of the show.

When The Voice came back, Carson congratulated Pharrell for getting a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “All of the people who have inspired me should have their hand prints there,” Pharrell said (paraphrased).

“How much pressure is there for Craig Wayne Boyd not to go home tonight?” Carson asked Blake.

“The great thing about Craig is that he listens and he changes if you tell him to — he’s amazing.”

“Here I have the name of the next artist who was saved, so here we go. America saved — Damien from Team Adam!” Damien is moving on to the final five! When we come back, more results,” Carson Daly said, and The Voice went to another commercial break.

Back from break on The Voice, we got to see the remaining competitors getting ready backstage for their performances and iTunes videos. Damien said “It’s a great feeling to see people actually wanting to purchase your music.”

“Alright. More results are ahead, but first, with her song God Made Girls, is RaeLynn!” Carson said. She has a very melodic, cool voice reminiscent somewhat of Dolly Parton. The audience clapped right from the start of this terrific song. Blake swayed in his seat, clearly loving to hear the woman he once coached singing onstage. He stood up and gave her a standing ovation.

“What a great song!” Carson Daly said. She said that she wrote that song.

“It’s awesome for me to sit here and see that happen. There’s not that many girls breaking through, and she just kicked the door open with that song,” Blake said.

“Live eliminations continue tonight on The Voice. I will announce the next person saved. The remaining five will still be at risk. America saved – Taylor John Williams, Team Gwen! Team Adam, Team Gwen now, both represented in the Semi-Finals! We’ll be right back,” Carson Daly said. Then, The Voice cut to another commercial break.

“Welcome back to The Voice. Crucial moment right now –here we go! America saved — Craig Wayne Boyd, Team Blake! Congratulations! Craig’s family obviously excited. That means the four on stage now will get ready to sing for the Instant Save,” Carson Daly said, then he talked with the coaches.

“Blake, what do you think of the results so far?”

Blake said “I’m not surprised and I’m surprised. For the four onstage now to be called the Bottom Four is crazy to me.”

DaNica Shirey sang first. The song was I’d Rather Go Blind, by Eta James. She NAILED this classic song! The audience really loved her singing, cheering and applauding wildly. Pharrell said “Everyone saw that, heard that, and I’m definite that they felt that. She’s going to have a super-bright future, and I’m going to be involved in it.”

Carson said “Three more performances to go. Singing Stand By Me, please welcome Luke Wade!”

Luke KILLED this song! The audience clapped, cheered right from the beginning of hte song. He did a great job with it. He was also from Team Pharrell. Pharrell said “I loved it — it’s the toughest thing. America saw you, heard you, and everybody here felt it. I’ll say it again — we have so much to do young man, and the music inside of you, everybody deserves to here.”

Before the other two performers sang, The Voice went to yet another commercial. Viewers across America will have a difficult time trying to decide which of these remaining four will get Instantly Saved, as they are all terrific singers.

When The Voice returned, Carson said “Four artists remain at risk.” Ryan Sill sang next, Holding Back the Years. He did an AMAZING job with this song, and is the second person from Team Gwen still left. “Can he go three for three, Gwen?” Carson asked her.

“Right now, that performance was so effortless and relaxed. You keep getting better every time. Yes, yes!” she said.

“Now singing Georgia On My Mind, please welcome Chris Jamison!” Carson said.

Chris KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT OF THE BALL PARK! He was AWESOME, and the audience erupted in cheers, screams, and applause as he finished singing.

Carson asked Adam about the performance. Adam replied “This guy has worked so hard for everything he’s achieved. He’s always willing to learn more. Tonight, he was not in the Top Four, but I’ll tell you this — tonight, Chris Jamison is in the Top Five. We should save him America — please!”

“It’s time to save one of these artists,” Carson said. “You have exactly five minutes. The Voice Instant Save starts right now!” The Voice then went to yet more commercials.

“Welcome back to The Voice,” Carson Daly said after the commercial break. Blake said “It’s tough, it’s miserable — I know exactly how you all feel right now. It would be nice to have a girl still left….”

With hardly any time left in The Voice, Carson Daly announced the person Instantly Saved by viewers across America. “One of you was Instantly Saved by America — America Instantly Saved Chris Jamison! Goodnight!”

There was a lot packed into this episode of The Voice, with four competitors singing to try to get America to Instantly Save one of them, and two people from past seasons of the show also singing, RaeLynn and Christina Grimmie. While the five competitors who are moving on are terrific, it was sad to see that DaNica Shirey, Ryan Sill, and Luke Wade will not be moving on further this season on The Voice.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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