‘The Voice’: Elite Eight Perform Live [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice tonight, the Elite Eight performed and the three who received the lowest amount of votes from viewers across America will be eliminated. The Bottom Four vote-getters will have to face off against each other in a Sing-Off tomorrow night. Then, one of them will be Instantly Saved by receiving the most tweets from fans, and the other three will be sent home. By the end of tomorrow’s episode of The Voice, the Elite Eight will become the Fantastic Five.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by announcing that they hit the 20 million download mark on iTunes. He said that Nick Jonas will be singing Jealous later in the show. Then, the Elite Eight sang the song Geronimo. They sounded great, and the audience clapped along as they sang. It was a terrific way to start off the episode.

Carson Daly said “This is your Top Eight live show and we’ll be right back,” after the song was over. The Voice went to its first commercial break of the evening.

When The Voice came back from the break, Carson said the first singer will be Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill. “I’m so fired up. I don’t want him to go home,” Gwen said. Ryan will be singing Journey’s hit, Open Arms. Gwen brought in a choreographer to help out. Ryan said “I’m just going to sing from the heart and give the best performance that I can.”

“With Open Arms, here is Ryan Sill,’ Carson Daly said.

Ryan did a SUPER good job singing this song, in a high range, to start off. He NAILED the song, and got the audience cheering and screaming for him early on into it. He really packed a lot of emotion into his performance. His voice soared to the rafters — the audience went wild as he finished singing. Gwen gave him a standing ovation.

Adam said “This guy is an incredible singer. You KILLED it, man!”

Blake said “I don’t know what else to do to make sure you’re not in the Bottom Three.”
Pharrell said “Every time I think you’ve hit a peak, you come out the next week and do even better.”

Gwen told him “I had tears in my eyes because I’m, so proud of you. You’re doing it — you deserve to be here.” The Voice then went to another commercial break.

Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake Shelton sang after The Voice returned. He was Blake’s only team member left. Boyd sang Take It Easy by The Eagles.

“It sound like you’ve sung this ten thousand times,” Blake said. “But, I couldn’t understand a word you said.” He said that “It needs to be a big Grammy-style performance.”

The stage was all lit up and there was a full band on stage with him, playing the song note-for-note like they would if they were The Eagles. The audience clapped along right from the very beginning. He is a very talented singer, and did an AWESOME job with it. Boyd ROCKED this song OUT, and should easily move on, but anything can happen.

All the coaches and the audience stood and gave him an ovation. Pharrell said “Craig, this is your show! People love you! I’m so happy for you, bro!”

Gwen said “There was nothing about that that didn’t sound professional.”

Adam said “You gotta have fun! Great choice, and you have a great coach.’

Blake said “Dude, I don’t know how you felt about this week’s performance, but I’ve been nervous as crap. You’re a rocker, and there’s no holding it back.”

Carson said that “Coming up, DaNica Shirey will be singing These Dreams.” Then, The Voice went to yet more commercials.

When The Voice came back, DaNica sang this Heart song, but she told Pharrell that she felt nervous. She said that “Pharrell helped me see that it was right up my alley.” Pharrell wants her to give a Grammy-style performance, like Craig Wayne Boyd did.

DaNica did a TERRIFIC job, bringing out her Inner Nancy and Anne Wilson as she sang. The audience cheered as she sang at various points during the song. There were some great violinists that helped set the mood, also. She has a powerful, cool voice and she gave this song her all. The audience erupted in applause as she finished singing.

Gwen said “That was beautiful! I think that song was a great choice. I thought it was perfect timing to hear that.”

Adam said “I’m so happy you did that song. It’s almost like you could sing the dictionary. Amazing!”

Blake said “You’ve been one of my favorites from the beginning. You’re little, but man, your voice is enormous. I’m so glad you’re here.”

Pharrell said “You faced it, you found a connection with this song. I’m proud of our whole entire team. I’m proud of you, and thank you for being on my team.”

Carson said that Nick Jonas will be singing Jealous when The Voice returns, with the help of the Top Eight. Also, Gwen and Pharrell will be singing their collaboration Spark the Fire a bit later in the show.

The version of Jealous that Nick, the Elite Eight, and a background choir sang won The Voice was instrumentally stripped-down. Just an organ played here and there — it was pretty cool. The audience cheered, screamed and applauded like crazy at the conclusion of the song.

After another commercial break, The Voice came back and Damien, from Team Adam, took the stage. He sang Someone Like You by Adele. “There’s something similar when you hear Damien and Adele sing, they both have this unbridled passion. Cellos would be nice.”

Damien said “Adam has helped me grow so much. I’m so grateful I chose Adam.”

It was kind of hard to imagine anyone other than Adele singing this song, but Damien did an AMAZING job with it. He elicited cheers and applause from the audience at various points as he sang. He KNOCKED THE SONG OUT OF THE PARK! It is a difficult song to sing well. All of the coaches and audience gave him a standing ovation.

Blake said “This is the best season, this is the best group I’ve ever seen in my life. You have so much passion and soul.”

Pharrell said “It’s so crazy to me how effortlessly you paint those notes.”

Gwen said “That was so beautiful! It’s perfect timing.”

Adam told him “Every week, you put so much faith and trust in me. This was his choice — he’s wanted to do this song for years. Tonight was his best, best, best performance.”

Next on The Voice, after more commercials, was Chris Jamison from Team Adam. He sang Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. “Marvin was just giving his love to everybody,” Adam said. Chris just connected with this song; it was instantaneous. You just blew me away!” Adam said during rehearsals.

Carson introduced Chris, and he sang the song like it had been written for him — he ROCKED IT OUT! The audience clapped along as he sang, and made the song his own. Sexual Healing is probably one of Marvin Gaye’s best songs, and that is saying a lot. Chris really did it justice with his version of the song, hitting the falsetto parts of it perfectly.

Pharrell said “That was hands down, hands down, your best performance of this show. You hit every note and walked around so gracefully around the stage.”

Gwen said “This lyric is so outrageous — and then, you started walking towards me.”

Adam told him “I feel like you’re Luke Skywalker. My friend, that is one of the hardest tasks. You just crushed this entire audience.”

“Next, it’s Team Pharrell’s soul singer, tapping into a new side of himself — it’s Luke Wade,” Carson Daly said. He sang the Simply Red song, Holding Back the Years. “This is his moment,” Pharrell said. “I’m mega-confident he’ll do great.”

Luke also gave it his all with this song, WAILING on it! It will be difficult for America to decide who to vote on, as everyone has been great so far tonight. Luke even got the audience to sing along, with the line “I’ll keep holdin’ on.”

Adam said “Man, dude, I’m a Luke Wade fan. I’m going to tell you one thing about what I felt — I thought you were thinking too much. I want to see the fire that you have. You’re amazing , man.’

Blake said “That was sparse signing, and we expect these big moments like you had towards the end. I thought it was really good, for sure.”

Pharrell said “The cool thing about you, is even when you don’t let go, you’re better than most other people.” The Voice then went to more commercials.

Back on The Voice, Carson talked with Nick Jonas a bit, and Nick answered questions fans had tweeted in, Then, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams sang the new collaboration, Spark the Fire. Gwen sounded FANTASTIC, rapping and singing with a ton of energy and passion. No doubt she will be singing it with No Doubt when they tour in 2015.

Back on The Voice, Taylor John Williams sang Royals by Lorde. “He’s such a little rebel,” Gwen said. “I mean, seriously.” Gwen brought in a choreographer to try to make the performance as good as it can get. The audience clapped along from the very beginning. Taylor definitely made it his own version, and the audience really was getting into the song as he sang, cheering and screaming at various points during the song. He got a standing ovation, ‘natch.

Blake said “Taylor, great job! No matter what you do, you make every performance your own. You’re 150 percent pure artist.”

Pharrell said “First of all, you have an old soul. I’m waiting for your record, man. I’m a true fan. You’re something else.”

Gwen said “This is all his idea. He has a real vision for himself. That was really amazing.”

When The Voice came back on after another commercial break, Matt McAndrew of Team Adam sang The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice. Adam called the song “The win of all wins.” He added “You’ve got to be the volume pedal. You have to do it all on your own.” Adam wanted to move away from the big production number style, like last week.

The fog machines worked overtime, the bottom of the stage being quite…foggy. Matt sounded GREAT, playing the guitar as he sang this beautiful song. He has an AMAZING voice, and the song was perfect to showcase his vocal talents. He showed that he has a lot of power in his voice, and the audience really loved hearing him sing, cheering and screaming as he sang. He KICKED ROYAL BUTT! WOW!

Blake said “Hey, dude — I’ve never heard that song before. That’s the version I want to be my introduction to that song. Freakin’ brilliant, dude — it was so good!”

Adam told him “Love is this crazy thing –when you can embody that and exude that as an artist, it is the most beautiful thing. I absolutely adore you.”

The Elite Eight competitors on The Voice were excellent tonight, giving it their all. Only five will be moving on by the end of tomorrow’s Results Show, though. Which five will stay, and which three will be going home? Craig Wayne Boyd will likely be one of the people moving on, and Matt McAndrew made a strong case for also moving on; but which three others will also be moving on? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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