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The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Fantastic Five finalists left in this season’s competition will perform live. Team Pharrell has had everyone on the team eliminated, and Team Gwen and Team Blake have only one member each left in the competition. Team Adam is still going strong, with three members; but, anything can happen as the Fantastic Five take the stage tonight!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the show by saying that each artist will perform twice. The first song their coaches will choose, and the second one, they will get to choose. Daly introduced Blake Shelton, who sang one of his hits, Lonely Tonight, with Ashley Monroe. The audience swayed their arms in the air and cheered at different times during the song. They did a terrific job.

When The Voice came back from the first break of the episode, Damien from Team Adam sang. the song Adam chose was She’s Out of My Life by Michael Jackson. Damien did an AWESOME job singing this iconic song, and the females in the audience cheered appreciatively as he sang. The song showcased Damien’s powerful, emotion-packed vocals. He NAILED this song!

Blake said “That’s one of the most perfect performances I’ve seen on this show, man. This is another step on the ladder. Good job!”

Pharrell said “Every week we get more and more Damien. You really deserve your place on the show.”

Gwen called the performance “Gorgeous, gorgeous!”

Adam said “The fact that you were willing to trust in me again, thank you, great job.”

After more commercials, Carson Daly continued The Voice with Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd. Blake said he chose Working Man’s Blues by Merle Haggard for Boyd to sing. Boyd did a rock’n’ roll version of the song, a bit like Elvis might have sung it. The audience really got into the high-energy performance, cheering him as he sang, especially towards the end of the performance.

Pharrell said “That is the kind of performance you see from people who know exactly who they are, and go up on stage to have a good time.”

Gwen said “It was perfect; it was great!”

Adam said “You’re coming into your own on the show, and that’s great. I love the individuality of what you do.”

Blake told Craig Wayne Boyd “You’re one of the best singers I’ve ever heard in my whole life. You take a song and control the performance. Dude, I can’t wait to see what happens to you when this journey is over. You could become a superstar in country music.”

Carson read some tweets from fans when The Voice returned from another break. Then, Daly introduced Taylor John Williams from Team Gwen. He sang Falling Slowly, and accompanied himself on the guitar. He sounded pretty fantastic, and the females in the audience cheered as he sang. Taylor hit some high notes, and gave an impressive performance of the song. The audience erupted into applause as he finished singing.

Adam said “Okay, I love that song! It’s the perfect choice. I love hearing you sing every time that you do.”

Blake said “Everybody’s so much better at his point. That falsetto is up there — great job, dude!”

Pharrell said “You transform these songs and make them your own.’

Gwen told him “I feel like, at this point, I’m still just getting to know you. Whether you’re here on this show or not, you’re going to go on and make a record. Great job!” The Voice then went to another commercial break.

When The Voice came back from the commercial break, another member from Team Adam took the stage to perform, Matt McAndrew. Adam said he heard the song on Sons of Anarchy and really liked it. The song Matt sang was Make It Rain.

Matt KILLED this song! He had the audience screaming and cheering for him right from the very beginning of the song. He WAILED on it! It was easily the best performance so far of the night. Adam stood up during parts of the performance. All of the coaches and and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Blake said “The pressure of where this competition is right now — that was a Grammy worthy performance!”

Pharrell said “You’re not just a rockstar, you’re a star.”

Gwen said “You sing with this unbelievable voice! It just gives me chills.”

Adam said “There’s nobody more humble and laid back than this guy. I can’t throw anything at this guy that he just can’t destroy. He blew me away!”

Back from another commercial break, it was time for the last person from Team Adam to perform, Chris Jamison. The song that Adam chose for him to sing was Sugar. Chris Jamison is a master at singing in the falsetto range — he DESTROYED this song, unleashing his Inner Justin Timberlake.

Blake said “That’s your next single? I love that song! Your falsetto is so good, man. When you go there with your falsetto, the party just starts.”

Pharrell said “That falsetto just comes out of nowhere. You just come out and do it every week.”

Gwen said “That’s so incredible and so strong!”

Adam said “I’m so proud of you, Chris! You’re in the Top Five — that’s so amazing. You have continued to rise to the occasion. You have already shown me you’re on this type of trajectory — I’m so proud of you.”

After more commercials, when The Voice returned, Damien was shown at a homecoming of sorts, in Louisiana. He told the crowd there “Never, ever give up on your dreams.” He met up with his family, saying “Family is number one to me.” He added “This is seriously the best day of my life.”

“With I Don’t Wanna Wait, please welcome back Damien,” Carson Daly said.

Damien ROCKED THIS SONG OUT! The audience was going wild right from the start of the song, screaming and cheering for him It was the perfect song choice for this point in season seven of The Voice. Adam and the audience gave Damien a standing ovation.

Blake said “I’m kind of running out of great things to say about you. We kind of expect the ballad side of you. There’s so much energy with the way you performed that song.”

Pharrell said “Your voice is second to none, my friend.”

Gwen said “I love the way the production was on that song. It was really cool to see you so upbeat like that.”

Adam said “It WORKED! And it was AMAZING! Watching that, and seeing that, and watching you go home and seeing that reaction, it makes me so unbelievably proud. I’m constantly amazed by you, and I love you.”

Again, from Team Adam, after more commercials on The Voice, Matt McAndrew sang. First, though, Carson Daly showed some scenes of Matt’s homecoming. He was met at the Philadelphia airport by tons of fans holding signs welcoming him back. Then, he was interviewed on the news and he reunited with some of his old vocal students he taught. That night, he gave a concert at his home town and sang Hozier’s Take Me to Church.

“With I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, please welcome Matt McAndrew!” Carson Daly said.

Matt McAndrew freakin’ NAILED this song on The Voice! He had the audience PUMPED UP, and sang it almost as good as Bono! He is definitely the one to beat and he should easily be one of the three competitors to move on to next week’s Finals episodes of The Voice. He got a standing ovation from everybody, the entire audience and all of the coaches.

Blake said “You make it so effortless. You do that continuously throughout the performance.’

Pharrell said “I can tell you, Bono would be so happy and so proud. You killed it!”

Gwen said “Am I the only one who was, like, sobbing during the flashbacks? I love your voice! It’s so rich, and such magic!”

Adam told him “I don’t need to say anything at all, because listen to these guys! WOW! just WOW!”

Following more commercials on The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd’s reunion in Nashville was shown. He got to see his son for the first time in a few months. His reunion concert was at the Wildhorse Saloon. He said “I played this place when there was 12 people there. This time, it was packed.”

Country singer Randy Houser performed there with Craig Wayne Boyd. “I’ve struggled so much in my career. This might be the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The song that Craig chose to perform was the gospel song, The Old Rugged Cross. The females in the audience loved it, in particular, screaming and cheering for him at various points during the song. Craig has a very powerful voice, and he did an INCREDIBLE job singing this well-known classic. He, also, got a standing ovation from all of the coaches and the audience.

Pharrell said “I get it man. To God be the glory.”

Gwen said “You’re always looking up — you always seem so grateful. You did it like you’ve done it a hundred times. Your voice is unbelievable.”

Adam said “That was awesome, dude! That was brilliant, and it was just the perfect thing. We all felt that.”

Blake said “I’m so happy for you. Craig was talking about this dream to have an orchestra. You gave one of the most passionate, epic performances that I’ve ever heard.”

“Coming up on The Voice,” Carson Daly said, “Taylor John Williams will be singing Blank Space by Taylor Swift.” Then, The Voice went to yet further commercials.

Back on The Voice, Taylor John Williams had his homecoming in beautiful Portland, Oregon. He seemed touched to see all of the fans waiting for him, and his pet dogs. Then, he gave his first radio interview ever. Gwen phoned in and commented. She said he would open for the Deck the Hall Ball. He sang Stuck in the Middle With You.

The song that Taylor John Williams sang next on The Voice was Blank Space. He had the audience clapping along right from the beginning as he sang this Taylor Swift hit. He held the audience in the palms of his hands. They clapped with their hands held above their heads as he sang. He did an AWESOME job with this song!

Adam said “That was awesome, dude! Great job! I love that you’re taking these songs and kind of re-working them. It’s your thing, you’re the best.”

Gwen said “You are a true artist. Tonight was so incredible! Please vote for this guy! He’s so amazing!” The Voice then went to more commercials.

“One more performance to go,” Carson Daly said, telling viewers across America the many ways they can vote. Then, he showed scenes from Chris Jamison’s homecoming in Pittsburgh. He was very choked up, on the verge of crying as he thanked everyone who was there. He went back to Frank’s Pizza where he used to work, and then was told that there would be a huge homecoming party for him. He called it “a surreal experience.” He gave a concert to a packed house that night.

Chris chose to sing When I was Your Man. He KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT OF THE BALLPARK! He has such a melodious, cool voice. Again, he soared into the falsetto range for parts of the song, and had the females in the audience cheering and screaming for him. It was a very impressive performance.

Pharrell said “I am sure anyone in Pittsburgh who saw this show are still standing on their feet for you.”

Gwen said “You have this gift.”

Adam said “Tonight was Chris Jamison’s version of that song! Vote for this dude — he deserves to move on.”

Chris Jamison’s performance wrapped up The Voice tonight. Matt McAndrew will likely move on, and probably Craig Wayne Boyd; but, who will the third person be? Which three competitors will get to move on after tomorrow? Which ones sang the best tonight? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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