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On The Voice tonight, the season is drawing to a close as the Final Four perform live and the competitor who receives the most votes from viewers across America will be name “The Voice” and will receive a trophy and recording contract during the Final Results Show tomorrow night. Damien managed to get enough votes to be the Wildcard competitor, back in the game, with a very good chance to defy the odds and become the season winner. However, the other three finalists are extremely good singers, also, so anybody could win!

Carson Daly,the host of The Voice, began the episode by introducing the four finalists, including the Wildcard Finalist, Damien. “Now they go head-to-head for the very first time. It’s a Team Adam/Team Blake Showdown.”

Blake said “Adam is in for a rude awakening. Craig will get me my fourth victory.”

Carson said “It all comes down to tonight. Each of the finalists will sing three times, the first time a solo song, the second time a duet with his coach, and the last time the singer will be debuting original material.”

From Team Adam, the first person who will be singing tonight will be Damien. Damien sang A Song for You. The audience swayed their arms and cheered for him as he sang. He has a smooth, melodic voice, and the song showcased his vocal range. He NAILED this song, and really had the audience into it. The four coaches and audience gave him a standing ovation

Blake said “There’s so much power in every note you sing. That was incredible!”

Pharrell said “That song takes me to church. We need more of that — I’m so proud of you.”

Gwen said “It’s so pleasurable watching you sing. It was gorgeous.”

Adam said “This was the first time he was this comfortable. That was one of your best, man.”

Carson said “When The Voice comes back, Craig Wayne Boyd will be debuting an original single.” Then, The Voice went to a commercial break.

Back on The Voice, Carson and Adam Levine marked “Red Thumb Day,” with red bands on their thumbs to promote not texting while driving. After that PSA, Blake said that Craig Wayne Boyd would be singing a song Blake wrote but had not recorded, “because it was so hard to sing.” The song is called My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face.

Craig had the audience clapping along right from the very beginning of the song. It was the perfect choice for his first song of the night, great for Boyd’s deep bass voice. He played the guitar as he sang. This performance will go a long way towards possibly putting him into the winner’s circle, but Adam still has two other team members left to perform their first songs of the night.

Pharrell said “Man, welcome to your future! Congratulations!”

Gwen said “You’re going to go on tour for a long time! You’re ripe and ready to pick.’

Blake said “That song was meant for you — it found its way to you. Congratulations, dude.”

The Voice went to another commercial break, “When the show returns, Craig Jamison will be singing a duet with his coach, Adam Levine,” Carson Daly said.

The duet that Chris sang with his coach, Adam, when The Voice came back, was called Lost Without U. It was an excellent song, their two voices blending together seamlessly. The audience clapped along right from the start of the song, and cheered at various times during the performance. Both Chris and Adam sat on stools the entire performance, but still managed to hold the audience in the palms of their hands. The audience erupted in applause as the song ended.

After The Voice returned from another break, Matt McAndrew debuted an original single, Wasted Love. Matt said he now “wanted to rely on my own artistry to sell this song.” Adam gave him some advice with parts of the song, then said “My friend, I’m very happy to say that you have a hit on your hands.”

Matt McAndrew sounded AWESOME as he sang this original song. It was pretty incredible, and a whole choir of people joined him onstage around the middle of the performance. Matt got down on his knees to sing a part of it — he KILLED this song! the coaches and audience gave him a standing ovation.

Pharrell said “I am sure all of Philadelphia is standing up for you.’

Gwen said “You took me to a place where I was getting creative. You’re really inspiring!”

Adam told him “We’ve been working 24/7 on this song. Matt McAndrew just now sang his own song — it was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my whole life. I’m a huge fan of this guy. I swear to god, this guy is so special! I love you.”

“Coming up on The Voice,” Carson said, “Craig Wayne Boyd will be singing a duet with his coach, Blake.”

Carson said “Pharrell, six Grammy nominations! Congratulations to you, sir!” Then he introduced season five winner of The Voice, Daniele Bradberry. She said that she was going out on tour with Miranda Lambert.

Blake and Craig sang Boots On by Randy Houser for their duet. They ROCKED THIS SONG OUT! They looked like they had a fantastic time playing their guitars and singing together. The audience clapped along as they sang, and they sure got them pumped up with their performance. The audience applauded wildly as the duo finished singing, then The Voice headed to another commercial break.

Team Adam’s Damien then sang a duet with his coach, Adam, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John, following the commercial break on The Voice. Damien began the song very impressively, definitely doing this classic song justice. He and Adam sang this song PERFECTLY, making the voting decision of viewers across America that much more difficult with their AMAZING performance.

Carson Daly said “Coming up next on The Voice will be a performance of an original song by Chris Jamison, Velvet.”

The R&B song sounded great. Adam gave him a lot of great advice, then Chris took the stage of The Voice and OWNED this song! The audience held their hands over their heads and clapped along right from the start of the performance. He was like a combination of Hall & Oates and Justin Timberlake as he sang, hitting the falsetto parts of the song with ease. Adam sang along with him, in his chair. What an INCREDIBLE performance!

Pharrell said “I have a lot to say! I want to say this! A star was born on this television show this season. We all watched you change and grow, and that’s why you kept getting voted on from week to week.”

Adam said about his team members “I love all three of you so much, so equally — I’m so proud and blown away.” Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Back from the break on The Voice, Matt McAndrew and Adam sang a duet of the song Lost Stars. They both played their guitars as they sang. It was a very cool performance, and many members of the audience held up glow sticks, lighting up the entire place as they swayed their arms in the air. Matt and Adam sang some uber-high falsetto parts of the song, and the audience went crazy with their applause as the duo finished singing.

Next, Blake and Craig Wayne Boyd talked about all of the performances that has led up to this moment in the Finals. Craig sang the beautiful song In Pictures. “It’s you and me against an army,” Blake told Craig. “I like our odds. I like an underdog.”

The odds are against Craig, but he is not really an “underdog,” in that he is a fantastic singer. It really all depends on what segments of America are tuning in and voting — anyone could win this competition.

Craig gave a TERRIFIC and very touching performance. He packed a lot of emotion into this song, as it is about watching a dad’s son “growing up in pictures.”

Gwen said “Wow — that was really emotional. I was thinking back to when I pushed my button for you. I’m so glad for you.”

Blake said “Craig, I know it’s tough for anyone who has a kid to be away from them. It’s such a great song. That’s what country music’s all about — being honest.”

“When we come back on The Voice,” Carson said, “Damien will be debuting his original single, Soldier.”

In the auditions, Adam said Damien was “Awesome!” and offered him useful advice about his “vibrato.” Damien did a FANTASTIC job singing this song, when the time came for him to. Damien classed the place up, dressed with a white suit coat, even wearing a white tie. It was a soulful, emotional song, that had the audience clapping throughout the performance, with their hands in the air and cheering for him. He got a standing ovation from the coaches and the entire audience.

Adam said “Damien, this is crazy! I’m so proud! I’m just bursting with pride for all three of these guys! This makes me the happiest coach I could possible be, win or lose, in the entire world!” Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

Carson welcomed back the audience to The Voice, then the next performer up was Chris Jamison once again. Adam and Chris sat down with Carson Daly to talk about Jamison’s path to where he is tonight. Adam said “I wound him up, and then this other Chris Jamison was born.” He will be singing the Justin Timberlake song, Cry Me a River.

Adam said “I think Chris Jamison will absolutely destroy this song.”

Then, on The Voice, Chris Jamison made MAGIC with his performance of this Timberlake song. It is a perfect one for his voice, and it showcased his amazing vocal range, especially in the falsetto parts of it. The audience went NUTS with cheering and applause as he concluded the song. He got a standing ovation from the coaches and entire audience.

Adam said “Chris, my young Jedi, welcome and congratulations!”

Carson Daly said that Matt McAndrew will “close out The Voice with a touching performance.” Matt sang the perhaps unlikely, but great, classic song made famous by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Matt and Adam sat down with Carson before the performance to talk about Matt’s route to the Final Four Live Performances tonight. “Matt is the only finalist to crack the iTunes Top Ten list three times,” Carson said.

Matt said “I’m glad I didn’t miss out on one part of this.”

Finally, it was time for Matt McAndrew to sing the last performance of the evening on The Voice, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The audience cheered as he began singing. He OWNED this song — it sounded so pure and perfect. The audience cheered several times as Matt sang this classic gem. He put so much emotion into his performance — he quite possibly won the trophy and recording contract with it.

Gwen said “It’s such a perfect song for right now. You just connect. It was a beautiful performance.”

Pharrell said “It’s magical to see you walk through partitions, walk through walls, you have such a great voice. You’re a rarity.”

Adam said “At the end of the day, I felt like the whole universe just paused for a moment to enjoy something so great, beautiful and bittersweet.”

Tonight was, arguably, one of the best Final Performances episode of The Voice ever. Each of the four finalists will likely wind up getting a recording contract, but tomorrow night, only one of the will become the season winner and walk away with the tile of “The Voice,” a recording contract, and a trophy. Which one will be the ultimate winner? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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