‘The Voice’: Finale Wildcard Show [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Top Three of the five remaining competitors who received the most votes from viewers across America will be announced. They will get to move on, automatically, to the Finals show next Monday. Then for the first time ever, the remaining two and the other top seven competitors, nine competitors in all, will sing for the chance that viewers will vote him/her on as the Wildcard choice to next week’s Finals episode.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the Finale Wildcard episode by saying “Tonight, we’ll find out which three competitors will move on. For the first time ever on The Voice, an eliminated artist will get the chance to move on and possibly win it all.”

then, Carson said “I’m going to reveal the names of the three finalists who will move on. Your first finalist to move one is Chris Jamison from Team Adam. Your second finalist is Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake. Your third finalist is Matt McAndrew. The other two of the five Finalists will have a chance to sing and move on.”

After commercials on The Voice, Reagan James from Team Blake sang Put Your Records On. The audience clapped along right from the start. Reagan did a great job with this cool song. The audience applauded enthusiastically as she finished singing.

Blake Shelton said “You have such control and swagger on the stage.”

Carson then introduced Jessie Pitts, from Team Blake, singing Zombie. She did an AWESOME job singing this very cool song. The audience swayed their arms over their heads as she sang. They clapped thunderously as she concluded singing.

Gwen said “I missed you! The song is right up your lane. It’s so good to see you back!”

Blake said “This girl is so important to music. You are that different and that important.”

Then on The Voice, Carson Daly said “For his chance to move on, please welcome Ryan Sill,” Carson Daly said. Ryan sang Marry Me. He had a soaring melodious voice. the females in the audience cheered and screamed as he sang, and swayed their arms in the air. The applauded wildly as he finished singing.

Adam said “I’m pretty sure she’ll marry you if you want. Okay, I just think you’re a great singer. You have such a beautiful voice.’

Blake said “I never completely grasped your range. I just thought it was beautiful.”

Gwen said “Ryan, it was so great to hear you! America, this guy has the most gorgeous voice! I love you!”

Carson then said “Now singing Waiting on the World to Change, please welcome back from Team Gwen, Anita Antoinette!”

Anita was TERRIFIC singing this song, throwing in some scat runs and a Reggae influence. The audience clapped as she sang, right from the very start. Gwen and the other coaches gave her a standing ovation.

Adam said “You know I love you. I love — first of all, when you walked up there, you were all business. And that Jazz run, that was CRAZY!”

Gwen said “You are such a beautiful person inside. You took this chance to give a message to the world. that is so selfless and so amazing.”

“When we come back, our unprecedented night of performances on The Voice will continue,” Carson Daly said. then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

“Nine artists are back for one last chance to win the final shot. Please welcome back from Team Gwen, singing Wicked Game, Taylor John Williams.”

Taylor gave an AMAZING performance of this song. He started off singing maybe a bit lower than he usually does, but that was probably to emphasize the falsetto part of the song he sang later. He NAILED this song! There was not a video up at YouTube when this article was written, to include here, unfortunately.

Blake said “You always change stuff up. You have a way of putting all of your ideas into motion. “

Pharrell said “You really, really are an artist. I cannot wait to hear what you put on an album seriously.”

Gwen said “I think you’re going to come back.”

“Singing Grenade for his last chance, from Team Adam, Damien,” Carson said.

Damien KILLED this song! The people in the audience clapped along from the beginning of the song and stood up for the entire performance. Damien was very impressive, doing an excellent version of this song.

Pharrell said “The amount of control you had was so scary. That is really a soul singing man.”

Gwen said “I’m amazed by your ability to be so real. It’s amazing!”

Adam said “There’s one more spot in the Top Four, and it’s Damien. That dude sings so incredibly beautifully, he deserves to be in the Top Four.”

Carson said “For her last chance to sing in the finals, from Team Pharrell, please welcome back Sugar Joans!”

Sugar sang Back to Black. The song was a fantastic choice for her. It showed off her powerful vocals and wide range. She did a terrific job singing it.

Gwen said “When you’re singing, it’s so natural and perfect. It was a really good choice of song for you.”

Blake said “You just made this so much harder for everybody else. That was so good. It was as good as I’ve ever heard you.”

Pharrell said “It felt like the first time we ever heard you. When your mouth opens, it’s like this whole world of soul comes out.”

“Now singing Have a Little Faith in Me, from Team Pharrell, please welcome back Luke Wade,” Carson Daly said.

Luke also did a GREAT job, giving the performance his all, putting his heart and soul into it. The audience was spellbound, and erupted into applause as he finished singing.

Adam said “I’m so happy. I think Luke Wade found Luke Wade again. You dug so much deeper than you ever have before.”

Blake said “Nothing would make me happier to see Reagan or Jessie make it, but Pharrell, your team is bringin’ it. That was really good, man.”

Pharrell said “He definitely found himself. Dude, you are a special, special voice. The people who go on to make great songs are originals. You have a great future, and I want to be a part of it.”

Carson said “Coming up on The Voice, DaNica Shirey has one last shot to move on.” DaNica was the final performer of the night to sing. She sang Without You.

Back from the commercial break on The Voice, Carson Daly said “For the final performance of the night, singing Without You, for her final chance to make it to the Finals, DaNica Shirey!”

DaNica gave it her all with this song. She had the audience into her performance right from the start, clapping and cheering her on. She packed a lot of emotion into the performance, and left her heart on the stage.

Pharrell said “Did you hear that song? That sound is America getting you back,” he said, as the audience continued applauding and cheering.

Carson said that the fourth finalist will be revealed tomorrow during the Today Show. He told America to “Get voting!” and The Voice concluded.

The was a lot of terrific singing packed into tonight’s hour-long episode of The Voice. Nine of the Top 12 performers sang for his/her final chance to move on to the Finals next week. the votes of America will determine which one of them moves on. Who did the best job tonight? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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