‘The Walking Dead’: ‘Cobalt’ Now Has Female Lead

The Walking Dead

The prequel to The Walking Dead, which AMC has code-named Cobalt, now has its female lead cast. Rumored to be set in Los Angeles, the female lead for Cobalt is Kim Dickens, who recently starred in the blockbuster movie, Gone Girl, as Detective Rhonda Boney. Dickens, who also has a recurring role in Sons of Anarchy and on the high school drama Friday Night Lights, will be the female lead, acting opposite Cliff Curtis, who will play the male lead. She will also have a recurring role in Season 3 of House of Cards, which will premiere in February.

AMC tested many actresses for the role before finally choosing Kim Dickens, 49. all of the main leads have now been cast for Cobalt. Cliff Curtis’ children from a previous marriage will be played by Frank Dilane, from Teenage Tom Riddle, and Next Stop Hollywood‘s Alycia Debnam Carey.

According to a report by Deadline, Cliff Curtis will play a guidance counselor while Kim Dickens will be a divorced teacher. Dickens is supposed to portray a character who has the beautiful looks of “the girl next door,” but she is also a character who has “a troubled past that will come back to haunt her.” With Dickens’ character having that sort of a past, the prequel is expected to have many twists and turns to it, much like The Walking Dead has in every episode.

An article in Variety suggested that Kim Dickens’ character will possibly be Nancy Tompkins. Single-mother Tompkins is a guidance counselor, instead of the “teacher” that Deadline mentioned. Whatever sort of job Dickens might have in Cobalt, as Nancy Tompkins, her developing relationship with the character Cliff Curtis plays will be at the center of the series.

Robert Dickens, who is a co-creator of the comic book series, The Walking Dead, is one of the creative forces behind the prequel Cobalt. He has stated that he wants to give fans of The Walking Dead the opportunity to see how other parts of America are coping with the walker epidemic that has swept across the nation. He stated that he is “anxious” to share parts of the “The Walking Dead universe” that have not previously been seen, and to show fans “what lurks out there.”

Whatever the final title of the prequel to The Walking Dead might eventually be, the pilot of the series, tentatively called Cobalt, will begin initial shooting in 2015. Variety has reported that Cobalt will be set somewhere on the West Coast, perhaps prompting the rumors that Latin Post mentioned about the prequel being sent in Los Angeles.

The curiosity of fans of The Walking Dead about what is going on in the rest of America during the zombie apocalypse has been intense, according to Charlie Collier, AMC’s president. When Cobalt takes place, the zombie outbreak is in its initial stages. There will, reportedly, be some walkers/zombies in Cobalt but the living people will still outnumber the living dead.

With The Walking Dead a huge ratings success for AMC, the cable network has hopes that the upcoming prequel, Cobalt, will continue building upon that success, becoming a hit in its own right. Season five of The Walking Dead has attracted so many viewers the series set the record for being the most-watched cable television show ever. Will Cobalt have the same sort of success? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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