Xbox Live and PSN Hackers Give the Reason for the Attack

Xbox Live and PSN Hackers

Xbox Live and PSN Hackers, who called themselves Lizard Squad, now give the reason for the attack of the online gaming services on December 25. It certainly was not just about greeting the public with a Merry Christmas.

When people from all parts of the globe started to grab their Xbox and PlayStation consoles on Christmas Day, they could not go online. The PlayStation Network status page had a message posted that they are aware of users who could not login to Sony’s gaming site. They promised to update the users of any changes regarding the issue and even thanked them for their patience.

The hackers also posted a statement on Microsoft’s page, saying they already have a solution regarding the login issues, and that they can already try logging in again. They expressed their appreciation of the users for hanging in while they were working.

The Xbox Live and PSN hackers were responsible for some previous hack attacks, but their recent hacking with Microsoft and Sony is the biggest so far. They caused complete and partial downtime of the gaming websites. Owners of the game consoles still could not connect to Xbox Live and PSN on Thursday. The situation was the same on Friday morning.

WinBeta interviewed some of the Lizard Squad members through an encrypted link and confirmed it was really them. The cyber attackers proudly tweeted there is no way to track them. WinBeta focused the interview on the hackers’ ideology and methodology behind the attacks.

The Xbox Live and PSN hackers explained why they attacked the game sites. The reason was simple, for fun. However, their motivation was later altered from just for fun, to proving the security weakness of Microsoft and Sony’s gaming sites, even saying that the former has the weakest security.

The Xbox Live and PSN hackers, when giving the reason for the attack being done on Christmas Day is because they wanted to anger as many users as possible, considering that Christmas is a peak season for online gaming. The more furious users, the more the game console makers will be pressured to enhance their security measures.

The hackers have recognized Sony’s recent security upgrade, that required them to work around it. However, Microsoft’s security is nearly nothing, they said. When they were asked how long they would go on with their hack attacks, the group did not give any duration, but said they would keep on going until the firms improve their security measures.

In their interview with Daily Dot, the Xbox Live and PSN hackers criticized both Microsoft and Sony for not exerting an effort to protect their systems from hackers. It could have been better if they hired real hackers in order to prevent attacks. They said, for big companies like them who have the budget, they could completely stop the attack with more bandwidth, some equipment, correct configuration and programming skill.

Whether what the Xbox Live and PSN hackers gave as their reason for the attack make sense or not, it is for the gamers to decide. When asked what could be their next possible target, the Xbox Live and PSN hackers said they could hack the American Stock Exchange if they wanted to ruin the economy. However, that is not the goal they want to achieve.

By Judith Aparri


The Daily Dot

Photo courtesy of Roy Niswanger – Flickr License

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