American Horror Story: Freak Show Season Finale Questions

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As all other season finales of American Horror Story, there were some questions left unanswered in Freak Show. It leaves a lot to the imagination, and gives the writers a chance to answer them in later seasons. That is certainly possible considering Pepper’s story from season two Asylum was finally told in Freak Show. Here are the most burning questions left from season four.

The first is all about Stanley. It was not surprising to find out the freaks found out his real intentions, and they took action. Rather than kill him, Dandy Mott found him in a cage dressed in Meep’s old costume. His legs and arms had been cut off, and presumably his tongue cut out. That is not the first time Denis O’Hare has lost his tongue on American Horror Story, either. However, what happened to him afterwards? Did Dandy kill him like he did with the rest of the freaks? He was not in the large pile of bodies in the main tent, so it could suggest he was left in the cage. Did Jimmy, Desiree and the twins leave him in the cage to perish?

Speaking of the twins, how did that relationship with Jimmy Darling work? He was clearly in a relationship with Dot, but Bette was constantly present. Did she shut her eyes and pretend not to be there? Could she possibly find happiness like that? She certainly seemed happy, knowing that her sister was happy.

A third question from the American Horror Story: Freak Show season finale is how Jimmy and the twins even afforded their home. Did they manage to get full-time employment somewhere or did they somehow end up with Dandy’s fortune? Bette was married to the man, after all, so would officially inherit it all. It would mean they would never have to deal with employers not accepting their unique circumstances.

There was never any mention of finding Dandy’s body. All that Mr. Gable said was that a mass grave was found with all freaks in there. Was Dandy part of that mass grave or was his body hidden so Jimmy and the twins could live off his fortune? There would have been little questioning considering how disassociated Dandy seemed with the outside world. It seems unlikely that Jimmy and the twins would put Dandy’s body in the same grave as the rest of the freaks. He had too much love and respect for his American Horror Story: Freak Show family.

Finally, what happened to Chester in the end? The last he was seen was turning himself in for a murder—the murder of a girl. In the end, it was his doll. Maybe he somehow ended up in Briarcliff and was just never seen or mentioned in Asylum. It would be a good twist, and something the writers missed out on when showing how Pepper’s story ended.

There are always questions at the end of the seasons. Some have been answered since, so there is hope that the questions from the American Horror Story: Freak Show season finale will be answered at some point in time. After all, all the seasons are linked in some way.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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