American Idol Auditions Night #2 [Recap]

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Tonight on American Idol, the audition phase of the season was in full swing, in Nashville and Kansas City. Competitors auditioning in both cities strove to perform up to the utmost of their capabilities to get the judges to vote “yes,” so they could get Golden Tickets and perform in Hollywood in the next stage of the competition.

The first performer on American Idol was Andrew Annello, who sang the Stevie Wonder song Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. Keith said “I thought it was caricature of a performance.” Harry though it was “silly,” but had Andrew sing some of My Girl, and he did much better singing that. Harry said “yes,” while Keith was hesitant. He said “yes,” finally, as did Jennifer Lopez. Andrew asked if he could bring his mom in to get introduced to the judges, and they agreed.

“You’re rockin,’ baby!” Andrew’s mom told him.

The second person to audition on American Idol was Loren Lott. The song she chose to sing was Treasure by Bruno Mars. Loren has a bubbly upbeat personality, and did a great job. However, Harry thought she was putting too much of an acting spin on the song, like it was too well-rehearsed.

Harry asked her to sing a different song, and Loren did pretty terrific on that one, also. Keith voted “yes,” and Harry said “This isn’t your year. I’m very sorry,” and voted “no.” However, Jennifer voted “yes,” so Loren will be going to Hollywood.

When American Idol returned from commercials, they were still in Nashville. Trevor Douglas, 16, was the third person to audition tonight. Trevor sang the song Sing by Ed Sheeran. They all voted “yes,” for him, and he will get to move on to Hollywood.

Piper Jones, 24, sang next, and she has a powerful, soulful voice that was, well, electrifying, to put it mildly. She WAILED on the song! She got all of the judges to vote “yes,” for her.

Then, a single mom, Kelley Kime, 23, brought her young daughter with her. The daughter sang Let It Go from Frozen. She got to sit on Jennifer’s lap as her mom sang Sunday Morning, with no musical accompaniment. Her daughter handed her the Golden Ticket she needed to go to Hollywood in a heartwarming moment in tonight’s episode.

Then, Garrett Miles, 25, sang. His dad is his roadie, as Garrett is blind. He sang Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater. He did a country version, but very soulful and smooth, an amazing version of the classic song. Keith, Harry, and Jennifer loved it. Garrett also sang a few lines, in Spanish, of a song that Jennifer sang, La Flor, in Selena, and he did an awesome job. All of the judges said “yes,” and he easily got the Golden Ticket to Hollywood!

The next performer was Clark Beckham, 22. He sang This Is a Man’s World. He did a bluesy, fantastic job of it, though he did seem to have a couple of problems with it. Keith said “yes,” but Harry voted “no.” Jennifer Lopez voted “yes,” so Clark will also be headed to Hollywood with a Golden Ticket.

Jeanna Vaneer took the American Idol stage next to audition. She is literally a one-woman band. She sang the Z.Z. Ward song, Put the Gun Down. Jeanna did a very soulful, funky, really wonderful version of this song, and got all “yes,” votes from the judges.

Alex Shier, 19, played the guitar as he sang. It was an excellent performance. Jennifer said she really liked how well he did. Keith and Jennifer voted “yes,” for him and Harry voted “no” but he got the Golden Ticket so he will be moving on to Hollywood.

Cody Fry was up on American Idol. He sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow for his audition, and NAILED it! Keith said “I like you!” Cody received three “yes” votes from the judges, so he will be Hollywood-bound.

Hector Montenegro, 24, sang on American Idol after a commercial break. The song he sang was pretty cool, though his presentation was not the greatest. Still, all three of the judges gave him “yes,” votes, and he got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Sarina-Joi Crowe auditioned. She has tried out three times already on American Idol. She sang Til the Love Runs Out. The judges gave her three “yes” votes. After she had left the stage, Harry said to Keith and Jennifer “She sounded better than she did last time.”

Savian Wright, 22, tried out for the second time. Savian sang the Eric Clapton song, Change the World. He did an INCREDIBLE job with this song. Keith, Jennifer, and Harry gave him “yes” votes.

When American Idol came back from more commercials, the auditions continued in Kansas City, Missouri. Zack Kaltenbach, 22, from Lee Summit, Missouri sang Grenade by Bruno Mars. He did a great job, though Harry said “I felt it was a flat audition.”

Keith said “I feel like the voice needs work.” Harry voted “no,” but Jennifer and Keith sent him on to Hollywood with two “yes,” votes.

Naomi Tatsouka, 24, was next on American Idol. She sang the Adele song, Someone Like You. She has a powerful, rich, soulful voice. She received three “Yes,” votes and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood from the judges.

The performer who was next on American Idol, Jhameel, made origami animals for each of the judges. He did an amazing job singing T-Pain’s Buy You a Drank. “You have your own style — I really got into it,” Jennifer said. Keith and Harry agreed, and they gave him three “yes,” votes.

American Idol continued after a commercial break with Lovey James performing. She sang Ariana Grande’s Break Free. Three “yes,” votes later, and Lovey is going to go to Hollywood!

The final performer of the evening on American Idol was Jess Lamb, 28. She has been doing gigs for years, and now wants to see how she does on American Idol. She sang Ain’t No Sunshine. She played the piano as she sang. She said that Harry was a big inspiration for her. She did an AMAZING job with this song!

“You are the very definition of creativity,” Harry told her. The judges sent her on to Hollywood with three “yes,” votes. Then, she and Harry played the piano together, jamming out to the MAX. What a cool way to close out the episode!

Auditions will continue next Wednesday on American Idol. There were some solid, terrific performances tonight, and it will be interesting to see how far some of the musical acts will go this season, like Garrett Miles, Trevor Douglas, Savian Wright, Kelley Kime, Cody Fry, Lovey James, Piper Jones, Naomi Tatsouka, Jhameel, Jess Lamb and Jeanna Vaneer. Please leave any comments below!

Written By: Douglas Cobb

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