Apple Inc. Says Apple Watch Will Require Daily Charging

Apple Inc

Apple Inc. says the upcoming Apple Watch will require daily charging, which triggered speculation of what its battery will be. Through CEO Tim Cook, the company revealed that the watch will need a daily recharging, but that they are aiming to extend the wearable’s battery life.

Apple Inc.’s smartwatch is anticipated to be a hit, considering that the Cupertino-based company has included a lot of useful features to the device. However, some are questioning how useful its 19 hours of battery duration will be.

The Apple Watch is set to be in the market this quarter. It will come with various applications such as apps for health and wellness, connectivity to other iOS devices and reportedly even games. Tagged $349, the Apple smartwatch has a powerful S1 chip with a minimum of 2GB storage and 256MB memory. It sports a 60 frames per second, Retina-class multi-touch screen.

Apple Watch will be offered in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm diameter, which will be compatible with iPhone 5 and later versions. There are no official details as to its battery life though, but the tech world is afraid Apple Watch will be active only for 2.5 hours of usage with four hours of exercise tracking.

Existing smartwatches like Sony Smart Watch 3, Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch R provide a full day use, regardless of the type of usage, with Sony’s smartwatch lasting more than a day. As it is coming after its rivals, Apple’s hope in the smartwatch arena is to be able to deliver more than what the other devices are offering..

Apple Inc. says the Apple Watch will require daily charging, since the firm chooses a high-quality screen and a powerful processor for its upcoming smartwatch, which will demand significant battery power, reported 9to5Mac. The S1 chip inside Apple Watch is a close equivalent of the A5 processor that powers the current iPod Touch, while the watch’s screen can update a fluid 60 fps.

Tech site 9to5Mac said their sources reported that battery life is a challenge Cupertino has been faced with its Apple Watch for some time. It is one of the factors which pushed the original launch date of the wearable from 2014 to 2015.

Apple Inc. tried to make the smartwatch last a full day’s usage, either active or passive. In 2014, the manufacturer wanted the watch to deliver about 2.5 to four hours of active usage, 19 hours total active or passive use, three days standby time and four days when in sleeping mode. Nevertheless, reports say Apple Inc. will only get the watch to be alive for about two to three days of low-power or standby mode.

According to Apple, 19 hour battery life is not bad, as it is normally how watches last. People sleep every day, which subtracts from the 24 hour total. Furthermore, they assert that users will not likely stare at their smartwatches all the time, not even with laptops, smartphones and other gadgets.

As a timepiece, Apple Watch should display its clock face about three hours, if it is left to do nothing. When the screen is not used, it turns off, consuming less power. Despite that, Apple Inc. still said the Apple Watch will require daily charging.

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