Argentina to Disband Intelligence Agency

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President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, has just announced her intention to disband the domestic intelligence agency of the country. She plans to introduce a bill to the legislature to that effect immediately. This announcement comes in response to the questionable death of a prosecutor who was about to testify against government officials in a high-profile case. Fernandez made the announcement to the people of Argentina by going on national television.

Only a few hours before the prosecutor was scheduled to be in court to testify against some senior level members of the government, he turned up dead under mysterious circumstances. This has caused a great deal of anger and frustration in a large portion of the population, and there have been a lot of fingers pointed at the intelligence agency as potentially being responsible for the death. Whether they were responsible or not, Fernandez felt strongly enough about the situation to take the significant step of introducing the new law to disband them and announce it to the entire country.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of ┬áBernardo Londoy – Flickr License