‘Better Call Saul’ Will Walter and Jesse Be Included?

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Better Call Saul

The season premiere of AMC’s newest series, Better Call Saul, has many fans asking if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will be included in the show. While executive producer Peter Gould says the beloved characters will not appear in the first season of the show, he leaves room for fans to believe they may return in seasons to come. Despite its debut having not even hit the screens yet, the show is scheduled for its second season to be aired in 2016.

Better Call Saul, a spinoff of AMC’s award-winning Breaking Bad, stars Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, Walter White’s shady lawyer in the old series. Following his path from know-nothing lawyer to the hustling crook of a man audience members know and love, this new series tackles a much different story line than that of its predecessor. Fans of the beloved series will delve into this new world which precedes the events in Breaking Bad by six years. In light of the time frame, it makes sense that the established characters will not be making an appearance for the first season.

Just because Walt and Jesse will not be in the first season does not mean they are completely out of the question for later seasons of Better Call Saul, says Gould. The executive producer says that the possibility to include the famous duo in coming episodes remains, but their inclusion will need to feel authentic to the storyline. If there is not much thought put into this orchestration, the producer says the end result could feel like more of a stunt than a genuine plot.

Gould takes this time to remind us that not all characters from Breaking Bad are gone forever. Not only does Better Call Saul feature the lawyer Saul Goodman from the renowned series, but actor Jonathan Banks will return to the old set to play beloved hit man, Mike Erhmantraut. In Better Call Saul, Mike is depicted as his former lot attendant self in his days before his illegal business. Viewers are also reminded that writer Vince Gilligan, also the writer of Breaking Bad, will be working with Gould on the creation of the series.

Gould and Gilligan work together to create this new standalone series in an effort to acclimate fans into a new environment. They changed not only the characters involved but the stylistic choices made in the creation of the show. Whereas Breaking Bad utilized handheld cameras, Better Call Saul will use static, fixed cameras to create a different cinematic effect. Furthermore, AMC has granted the producers of the series creative freedom to try different effects in the show including the use of different coloring and black and white.

While Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will not be included in the first season of Better Call Saul, the possibility for their inclusion in later episodes is not out of the question. The new spinoff series is set to premiere on Feb. 8 on AMC with a subsequent episode airing on the following day. With its critically acclaimed predecessor setting the stage for the new series, Better Call Saul is one of the most-anticipated shows of 2015.

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