CES 2015 Highlights

CES 2015

CES 2015 is done but the event and its highlights are still fresh. The show this year was not loaded with new phones but was flooded with cool stuff on Las Vegas grounds. It had phones, tablets, watches, TVs, cameras, cars and accessories to power devices in the near future.

CES again brought a huge show, and presented new innovations – some good, others not so good while there are really those who stood out. The following are some of the CES 2015 favorites and highlights.

ASUS Zenfone 2 was unveiled as a freshly hot device in its maker’s press conference. ASUS has moved to a 64-bit processor from Intel with Zenfone 2, which comes along with a 4GB RAM. This 5.5-inch display phone has a 13MP camera and is run by Android 5. The price will take this phone further. It is starting from $199 off contract.

CES 2015
LG G Flex 2

Among the first announcements in CES 2015 was LG G Flex 2, which has imprinted a lasting impression to those who have seen its solid improvement over last year’s. The phone has an upgraded camera and is powered by Snapdragon 810 64-bit chipset. This flexible phone, which should withstand falls and accidental rubbings enhances its self-healing capability, as scratches on it disappear immediately in 10 seconds.

There was also Panasonic Lumix CM1, a beautiful smartphone-camera combination where the existing and the usual clear line between phone and camera is blurred with its maker’s great innovation. The device sports a 4.7-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 chip and a 2GB RAM. Its camera has a one-inch 20.1MP sensor with f/2.8 Leica lens at the front, and a support of a powerful app which allows full manual snapping and RAW capture.

CES 2015
Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 were at CES 2015 and the most notable thing about them is they reflect Samsung’s intention to hit the low-end market with quality devices. The budget handsets deserve an award for sporting quality materials and are the firsts in Samsung’s lineup of budget phones. They inherit the metal construction of Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha, while being trimmed of some specs and features to make them fit the lower price tags.

YotaPhone launched a follow up of the original YotaPhone in 2013, YotaPhone 2. Yotaphone 2 is a distinctive dual-display smartphone, meaning, two displays – the LCD on the front and the e-ink display on the back. Yotaphone 2 comes with a 5-inch 1080p main display while the back screen sports a 960 x 540 resolution. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 chip which works with a 2GB RAM. It has an 8MP camera and a 2500mAh battery.

Yotaphone 2 highlights its back display wherein users can customize notifications and widgets. They can check the phone with the LCD screen off, which saves battery. The e-ink display is also great for reading emails, e-books, checking on the weather and more. The phone’s price may be around £555.00.

Mad Catz unveiled at CES 2015 a flexible mobile gaming controller L.Y.N.X. 9 which works with a tablet or a smartphone, at $300. The metal-build device comes with a microphone and can be extended with optional components, such as a QWERTY keyboard.

Among the CES 2015 highlights is Sony’s first Android Wear Smartwatch 3. It replaces the rubber strapping with a stylish stainless finish and steel, making it have the classy look.

CES 2015 attendees got a peek of Pioneer’s Android Auto head unit, which brings useful features to current vehicles for more safety and convenience, such as in-car texts and calls, voice controls, Google Map navigation and music playback. These units which sport touch and capacitive screens are priced between $700 to $1,400.

CES 2015

NVIDIA is moving on with its Tegra line of processors and introduced Tegra X1, a sight to see in future mobile devices. A follow up of Tegra K1, X1 is a 64-bit eight-core mobile chip with a 256-core Graphics Processing Unit, capable of serious computations and 4k video at 60fps. X1 is already used in automotive applications such as the autonomous car system DRIVE PX and UI car controller system DRIVE CX.

CES 2015
Razer Forge TV

Other CES 2015 highlights are Razer Forge Android TV, Dish Sling TV, Sony Walkman ZX2, Kodak IM5 phone for non-techy users featuring Remote Assist; Polaroid Zip to conveniently print photos such as those from Instagram; the dog collar with GPS location, camera and mic to know the dog’s location and to send him commands; and Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash for better selfies.

By Judith Aparri

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