David Tennant Now a Marvel Villian

TennantFormer Doctor Who star David Tennant has been cast as a Marvel Villian, in a new Netflix series coming later in 2015. The actor is set to play the part of the antagonist Kilgrave, in the upcoming AKA Jessica Jones. Fans of Tennant are used to seeing him as more of a hero or good guy in his previous roles, but the executive producer and head of Marvel television (Jeph Loeb), said that he cannot wait to show a new side of the actor.

Loeb also said that people who are familiar with Tennant’s previous work know that no matter what role he portrays, the actor always does so with an intense level of dedication. He believes that it is this level of dedication that will be needed in order to best bring the character of Kilgrave to life. Showrunner and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg said that she was not only excited, but also honored to have Tennant inhabiting the character. She believes that the actor will be able to make Kilgrave a villian that is truly original. For Rosenberg, it is Tennant’s ability to make the driest of lines seem heartbreaking and every other manner of emotional depth possible that makes her confident in his ability to bring the character to life.

In the new series, the focus of the show revolves around superhero Jessica Jones, who gives up the mantle to become a private detective. The character, portrayed by Krysten Ritter, is working towards rebuilding her personal life while getting drawn into the lives and mysteries of people with abilities that are extraordinary. Kilgrave is a part of Jones’ past and when he makes his appearance back into her life, it shakes the characters’ world.

The villian that Tennant will be bringing to life has an interesting background in the canon of Marvel comics. The character, first known as Zebediah Killgrave, was originally intended to be a menace for Daredevil. When the character was introduced into the Daredevil world he was called the Purple Man, and was a criminal that had started out as an international spy. Following his turn with Daredevil, Killgrave became one of Jessica Jones’ antagonists.

Since the character of Kilgrave was originally a villian in Daredevil, there has been some question as to whether or not Tennant would be making an appearance in the Netflix series of the same name. The Daredevil series is set to premiere on April 10th, with the Jessica Jones series set to premier later in the year. There will also be two more Netflix series also set in Hell’s Kitchen and within the same Marvel universe, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. With four shows all set in the same location and universe, the potential is there for any number of crossovers in preparation for the miniseries Defenders which will team the characters up.

Whether or not Tennant makes his Marvel villain premier as Kilgrave on Daredevil will remain a mystery for now. In the meantime fans of the actor will get a chance to see his interpretation of Kilgrave when the series premiers later in 2015.

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