Dish Network Welcomes Back Fox News

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Dish Network

After weeks of heavy disputes between them, Dish Network has welcomed back Fox News to their subscription package. Subscribers now have access to fan favorites like Fox and Friends once more. The recess for both parties has ended and there will likely be better deals for subscribers nationwide. Not to mention that Dish and Fox News will no longer lose business.

On Thursday the companies announced a multi-year carriage agreement was finally reached. Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network are now both available again to Dish Network subscribers. Dish removed those channels after their deal with Fox fell through before the deadline on Dec. 21. Fox accused the satellite television provider of canceling their broadcasts 10 minutes before the contract expired. In turn, Dish blamed Fox for bringing other channels into negotiations even though they were not included in the contract that was pending renewal.

Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly escalated the argument last week by airing an advertisement during an NFL playoff game, accusing Dish of “censoring” the news. Tim Carry, the executive vice president of distribution for Fox News and Fox Business, and Warren Schlichting, the Dish senior vice president of programming, gave a statement together on the results of the contractual talks.

They gave thanks to the viewers of Fox News and Fox Business and Dish subscribers for their patience and understanding throughout the process. Fox and Dish, the latter of which has 14 million subscribers, did not disclose much information about the new agreement. However, the good news is that Dish Network has welcomed Fox News back into the fold.

The fallout between the two companies was only hurting both sides, with Dish Network customers canceling their subscriptions and requesting refunds, and Fox News suffering decreases in their usually sky-high ratings. Throughout their wildly advertised battle, both sides did nothing but blame the other.

In the end, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, Dish has compromised to pay Fox $1.50/subscriber per month, a 50 percent increase from their previous arrangement. Dish has reportedly also decided to place the Fox Business Network side by side with Fox News in the bottom tier option, which will increase the amount of viewers to both of those channels. No other official terms of the five-year agreement were disclosed.

However, Fox did not get everything as they desired to add Fox Sports 1, which debuted just last year, as part of the package. Dish drew the line there. In negotiations of this magnitude, not every little thing will be approved, and the Fox Sports element was one of those little things. With Dish conceding to the 50 percent fee increase, Fox has all they need to move forward.

With this dispute full of mudslinging and blame behind them, both companies can thrive as the partners they once were. Dish Network may not have welcomed back Fox News with open arms, but they have come together, and the subscribers have their favorite informative shows again. Hopefully the five-year deal holds steady and sees to it that the customers are taken care of.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

International Business Times

Photo by Lt. Matthew Stroup – Flickr License