Facebook Remains Top Social Networking Site


Facebook remains the top social networking site among internet-using adults, reports a study released on Friday. The study revealed that while those using the internet may be seeking supplemental social networking sites, the main site for social interaction remains the same. Despite stagnant growth in the amount of new users joining the site, daily usage increased by almost 10 percent from 2013.

While Facebook stays at the top of internet-users’ list of social networking sites, studies show that users have also made efforts to branch out and try different platforms of communication. Of these platforms, Instagram and Twitter made the most significant strides in obtaining new users with more than half of internet-using adults between the ages of 18 and 29 using the photo sharing site and Twitter users increasing by nearly 30 percent. However, while Facebook has not increased its amount of users, the site remains the top social networking site with 71 percent of internet-using adults registered.

Forbes states that the site’s stagnant growth is irrelevant, noting that those sites making strides in their user registrations are much newer compared to Facebook which would naturally lead to more dramatic increases in their number of users. Whereas Facebook has already established itself as the social networking giant, sites in their premature stages are still working to gain their renown in the online world. Forbes also notes that while the amount of new users remains the same for Facebook, the amount of users visiting the site daily has increased to 70 percent, up from 63 percent in 2013.

The social networking site also remains one of the preferred methods for communication with multiple facets of interaction available to users. In an evaluation of preferred methods of online communication by NPR, findings pointed to internet-users preferring the continuity of Facebook when wanting to have more serious discussions. While other social networking sites limit the amount of characters used in a post and do not abide by the fluid discussion board motif of Facebook, users find themselves wanting a sustainable conversation over snippets that can be taken out of context.

What is even more exciting for the site is the amount of internet-using adults over the age of 65 that were reported to have joined the social networking site in the past year. For the first time ever reported, 56 percent of adults over the age of 65 joined the social networking site over the course of 2014. Studies show that encouragement from users’ children points to the dramatic increase in elderly members on the site. From there, users may learn of further connections with old friends and family members, making it a great platform to combat loneliness in older adults.

As Facebook remains one of the top social networking sites on the internet, others follow in the footsteps of the internet giant gaining in their amount of user registration. While Facebook remains stagnant in their quest to attract new users, the fact remains that over 70 percent of internet-using adults are registered to the site. With daily visitation increasing by nearly 10 percent and users preferring Facebook’s communication methods overall, it is safe to say that the communication platform remains the most successful of its kind.

By Carly Szabo

USA Today

Photo by Charis Tsevis – Flickr License

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