Gary Dourdan Bankrupt Again

DourdanGary Dourdan, a former star on the hit television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has once again filed for personal bankruptcy. The last time that the actor had to declare bankruptcy was back in August 2011. The actor’s most recent filing came this year on January 22, when the actor successfully filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In the latest papers that were filed with the court, the 48 year old actor claimed that he only had $84.50 in his savings account. While in his general bank account the actor had a mere $904.35, following the payment of his personal expenses. Of those personal expenses listed, was a $135 payment for a yoga class. Dourdan is also responsible for child support payments in the amount of $1500 per month for his daughter Nyla with his ex Jennifer Sutton.

According to People Magazine, the bankruptcy papers indicate that the actor is actually four payments behind with his creditors and currently owes approximately $14,413.32. At the time of his first filing back in 2011, the actor owed a total of $1.73 million in outstanding debt, this included a mortgage that was possibly in default, while he only had assets said to total $1.8 million. The papers for his original bankruptcy showed the actor bringing in an average of just under $15,000 per month with monthly bills totaling $14,562.

Unfortunately for Dourdan, money problems are not the only things that have plagued him over the years. In 2008, the same year in which the actor left the television show CSI, he was arrested and later charged with three counts of a felony drug possession. Among the drugs that the actor had in his possession were ecstasy and cocaine, which he plead guilty to, while the charges for possession of heroine were ultimately dismissed.

The actors troubles continued in July 2011, when he was involved in a car accident and was subsequently arrested for drug possession of oxycontin. Although that particular charge was ultimately dropped, he was later charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.

Following his legal troubles in July of 2011, Dourdan filed for bankruptcy which was again followed by more troubles later that year. In November of 2011, the actor was once more arrested but this time for felony battery. The charges stemmed from Dourdan allegedly attacking his girlfriend at the time, Nicole Cannizzaro, and breaking her nose. Cannizzaro then sued him for a minimum $25,000 for damages.

At the time of the incident however, there were sources that said that Dourdan was making claims that Cannizzaro had in fact kidnapped his child and gone to a Whole Foods with her. This is also where the alleged assault took place, after his daughter Nyla was taken without his permission. Following that particular incident, the actor was given five years of probation.

Sadly for Dourdan, he has once again had to file for bankruptcy. The first time that the actor filed, he said that there were major acting roles on the horizon for him. Since the first bankruptcy filing, Dourdan has only had roles in some smaller projects including guest starring roles in Being Mary Jane and Mistresses.

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