‘Helix’ Reunites Alan Farragut in ‘Reunion’ [Recap/Review]


In the Syfy Channel’s hit series, Helix, tonight Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) is reunited with the other cast members on a mysterious island, St. Germain. A sick child appears on the island, and Dr. Sarah Jordan suspects something very unusual is going on when the child is “healed.” Meanwhile, the virus continued to spread, and Sarah revealed a secret.

Helix began with the dawn of the CDC scientist’s second day on the island, and the tolling of the bell at the Sanctuary. Alan has gone undercover at the cult and in a montage, he is seen asking various people “Where is she?” He kills each person when he does not get an answer to his question.

On the island, Alan is known as “Father Jerome.” He met with somebody called “Father Carson,” who told him to “join them in the orchard,” when he was done with his chores.

Dr. Jordan was shown waking up, with her nose bloody. Looking out of her window, she saw Alan below, and called to him but he did not hear her, due to the tolling of the bells again. She watched from the back of the place where services are held, as the cult members filed in.

Helix will apparently continue to have all of this season’s episodes divided between the present and the future. In the future, Dr. Julia Walker told Caleb at Alan’s grave “He’s rested enough. It’s time for him to get back to work.” She is going to dig up Alan’s grave.

Later on in the episode, Dr. Julia Walker told Caleb that the bones were not Alan’s — at least, not all of them were his bones. There are bones of another person there, as well. The skull was not Alan’s, but belonged to a woman. There are three iliums, or hip bones, that she finds, and one has symbols carved into it. She asked Caleb what the symbols were, and he at first told her he had “to go check my traps.”

A bit later on in Helix, when Dr. Walker asked Caleb “What do these carvings mean?” he answered her “They don’t mean anything.”

Caleb wondered why Julia would care about the virus, She showed him she had yellow fungus growing on her skin and said that she only had a few days left to live. Caleb then told her the carvings were a map. She wanted to investigate a part of the island, but Caleb said if she went there, she would never come back.

Caleb and Dr. Walker walked together in the forest and found the bones of a child. “My God — animals must have got him.”

“No,” Caleb replied. “Something worse.”

Back in the present on Helix, during the services, Brother Michael addressed the attendees, saying now “We are free to simply be.”

A boy, Soren, wandered into the church, asking for his mother. When his mother went to him, the boy knocked her down and started beating her up, until he was pulled off.

Sarah told Dr. Kyle Sommer that the boy had the virus in him. Sarah said that he was not the only one that she had found who had the virus. Brother Michael said he “wasn’t very good at asking for help, but I am now.”

Brother Michael gave the CDC doctors permission to use the Botany Lab to analyze whatever samples they collected. Dr. Jordan said they needed to try to find a way to contain the virus from spreading.


“What’s with all of this equipment? Why’s a cult need a Botany Lab?” Dr. Sarah Jordan asked. She said it would take her about 20 hours to analyze the samples she had.

Dr. Jordan whispered to Peter that Alan was there. Peter said that Alan had been “discredited,” by the CDC and that there would be “no contact with him.”

One of the cult members happened upon Isaac. Isaac held a knife in his hand, and used it to kill himself.

Then, on Helix, in an orchard, Jerome/Alan was picking fruit from a tree. Someone told him “Brother Michael wants to see you.”

Brother Michael and Jerome/Alan talked about creating hybrid plant varieties. Brother Michael asked him “Why’d he come here?”

“To find my true path. I’ve done terrible things, taken lives.”

“So you’re hiding?”

“Aren’t all of us here, hiding?” Alan asked.

“When you start facing your pain, Jerome, only then can your healing begin,” Brother Michael told Jerome/Alan on Helix.

On Helix, after being summoned to where the sick boy, Soren, was, Peter asked him how he was. Soren said “Good, I guess. Where’s my mom?”

There was no way that Soren should have been somehow “healed.” His vitals were normal, though, and he had no memory of what had happened. Soren said that he “just had a very bad headache.”

Peter noticed then that Sarah’s nose was bleeding. He asked her about it, but she just said it was not serious, just a nosebleed.

One of the Sisters told Kyle “I want to show you something,” and led him inside a building. She tried to seduce him, and said “Be my path.” She proceeded to remove her top and kiss him. “Stop, stop!” he said.

“I have to get back to my work,” the Sister said, putting her top back on. “Any more questions?”

Kyle sheepishly said “No,” and the Sister left.

Alan asked Sarah to speak to him. He told her to leave while she could. Alan gave her a sign, holding his two first fingers on one of his hands over his heart.

“Is everything all right?” another woman who was a cult member asked.

Dr. Alan Farragut/Jerome told her he just wanted “to get back to work.”

Later in Helix, Sarah confronted Alan and told him “I thought you were dead.”

“It’s too dangerous! Trust me — the island is not what it seems.”

“You owe me — and our baby.”

“What? You have a child?”

“No, Alan — there’s not a child. I’m still pregnant,” Sarah told him. She told him that she got a blood transfusion from Dr. Julia Walker, Alan’s ex-wife, making her immortal, because Julia was also immortal.

Sarah told Alan she had been “pregnant the last 15 months.” Then, Helix went to yet another commercial break.

When Helix returned from the break, Alan asked her “I don’t understand. How?”

She told him she became immortal after she became pregnant, and the baby did not age.”I felt like terminating,” she told Alan, after she had experienced 15 months of morning sickness.

Alan told her he wanted to help, but he could not right then, and told her “You have to leave here now.”

“I’m not going until you tell me why you’re here,’ she said.

“I can’t. What I’m doing here is too important.”

Then, a male cult member, Landry, went up to Soren’s bed and told him his mom was okay, and asked him to come with him. He took the boy outside, and they heard a rustling sound.

“Is that her?”

“Yes, that’s her,” he said and went back inside.

A grotesquely deformed man appeared and attacked the boy. There were apparently many people out in the woods. That was the end of Helix. Next week’s episode should be great, and will hopefully explain more about the mysterious island of St. Germain, and why Dr. Alan Farragut has infiltrated the cult.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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