‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood Built About to Fall Down? [Video]

House of Cards

When Kevin Spacey, who stars as the deceitful, power-hungry, murderous Frank Underwood in House of Cards (Netflix) won a Golden Globes Award last night for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, the timing was perfect, as the trailer for season three of the hit show hit the airwaves shortly after he concluded his acceptance speech. The speech was controversial enough, with Spacey dropping the F-bomb. The trailer was a chilling glimpse at what the new season will bring when it premieres this February, and it might be an indication that Frank Underwood’s house of cards is about to fall down.

Actor Kevin Spacey had been nominated eight times for a Golden Globes Award, but he had never won one; that is, until last night, Sunday, January 11. If Kevin Spacey had not won the Golden Globes Award, media sources and fans have speculated that perhaps Netflix would have held off on showing the season three House of Cards trailer until a later date.

In perfect Frank Underwood character, Kevin Spacey began his speech by saying that “This is just the beginning of my revenge.” He thanked everyone involved in House of Cards, then said “I cannot f*****g believe I won.”   House of Cards

Being the consummate perfectionist that he is, Kevin Spacey concluded his acceptance speech by saying “I just want to be better, but this is very encouraging.”

The House of Cards trailer shown Sunday night was only 45 seconds long, but already, on YouTube, it has gone viral, with more that 1.3 million people having viewed it. It is shadowy, and has a foreboding tone to it, as if everything does not go all that peachy for now-President Frank Underwood, despite his having schemed and murdered his way to the top of the political food chain.

In the video, Frank Underwood gives his personal definition of what “real pressure,” is, stating that it is “Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.”

Watching Kevin Spacey in the role of Frank Underwood is mesmerizing, sort of like a rabbit watching a hooded King cobra swaying above it, getting ready to strike. Netflix will begin streaming season three of House of Cards in the United States on February 27.

One of the interesting aspects about the House of Cards trailer is that there is an actor who is apparently playing Vladimir Putin, or a character who resembles the Russian president, in it. Frank Underwood’s interactions with this character will likely add to the stress and pressure he will undoubtedly face trying to maintain his hold on political power and on the White House.

According to The Moscow Times, the producers of House of Cards had requested sometime last summer permission to use the New York headquarters of Russia’s United Nations delegation as a set to film two episodes of season three. However, the request was “blocked,” another way of saying it was turned down.

Besides having to deal with whatever complications the Putin-like character brings to the table in season three of House of Cards, President Underwood will still be facing the efforts of two reporters, Lucas and Janine, at trying to bring him down and reveal his role in the murder of Zoe Barnes. Lucas has enlisted the aid of a hacker, Gavin Orsay, to help him collect enough evidence to knock Frank Underwood’s carefully constructed “house of cards,” down.

Underwood will also have to decide what to do about Rachel. In the final episode of season two of House of Cards, she murdered Doug. Rachel now wants to do whatever it takes to have Frank Underwood totally out of her life. She might even tell the authorities about Pete Russo, if that is what it takes to have Underwood answer to the law.

Season three of House of Cards will reportedly be a dark one, with Kevin Spacey having said in an interview with E! News that the writers and producers want “to see just how dark that well is and how deep does it go.” Spacey might be saying by this that his web of lies is about to unravel, and he might be facing the possibility of losing the power he has fought for, and he might even be facing jail time. Will Frank Underwood’s “house of cards,” finally fall down during season three?

Written By Douglas Cobb

House of Cards Season 3 Official Trailer

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