J.K. Rowling Attacks Rupert Murdoch for Racist Tweet

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has attacked Rupert Murdoch for his racists tweet over the Paris shootings. She used her own Twitter account to tell her followers that she would auto-excommunicate the multimillionaire.

Over the weekend, people around the world were still in shock over the terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Murdoch took the time to say that all Muslims should be held responsible for the attacks, even those that are the most peaceful. He claimed that they should destroy the extremists who use their religion as an excuse for the hate attacks.

The tweet received a lot of negative comments from people of all religions. Rowling was just one of them, who made it clear that she was a Christian and would happily auto-excommunicate the News Corp boss. The Harry Potter author did not stop there, either.

She went on to say that there were problems with her own faith. This was following on from another tweet from Dominic Reid, who said that he never stops apologizing for the crusades. Rowling said that the Spanish Inquisition was her fault, along with all Christian fundamentalist violence.

While another Twitter user hit out at the author, she did respond with facts. She shared a report that shows eight times more Muslims are killed from Islamic terrorist attacks than non-Muslims. It is a shocking revelation, and soon stopped people arguing against her.

Rowling attacked Murdoch for his racist tweet, and he so far has not responded. There are many who question whether he has seen it yet. It is possible that the tweet has dropped below his notifications to see them due to the likely high number going through from others who found his tweet offensive.

He did come back to Twitter on Sunday to remember the funeral of Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim police officer. That has unfortunately had fewer retweets and favorites compared to the initial tweet, at the time of writing this.

Rowling was not the only person to hit back at Murdoch. Australian comedian Adam Hills used his own Twitter account to fire off something similar to Murdoch’s own tweet. He called the News Corp boss a “growing sour pus” and said that all Australians should be held accountable until all were destroyed. Other users followed suit, with some saying that as white men they are responsible for the man.

Hills has a habit of hitting out at people who offend him. Just recently, he used his TV show The Last Leg to hit out at TV personality Katie Hopkins for her Ebola tweet.

Many took to Twitter to hit out at Murdoch for his tweet, and commended Rowling and Hills for their efforts. Many questioned the man’s morals, especially considering his involvement in the phone hacking scandal in the UK, which saw the News of the World newspaper closed down.

Murdoch did stand by his tweet. He said that political correctness has caused denial around the world, and that Jihadists are everywhere in the world. His comments have not gone without remark, with Rowling among many others attacking Murdoch for his tweet.

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