Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton Engage in ‘Whisper Challenge’

Jimmy Fallon

This Thursday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, actor and singer Blake Shelton was Fallon’s first guest. He will be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday, January 24, and tonight, he will play Whisper Challenge with Fallon. Fallon’s second guest was sportscaster, Bob Costas, and the host of the Tonight Show talked with him about many topics, like the scandal involving the New England Patriots’ role in supposedly deflating footballs. Also, tonight’s musical guests were the group, Motley Crue, who are on their Farewell Tour.

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show by warmly welcoming his studio audience, who gave him a standing ovation. He said “The world needs this love!” and told the audience that Blake Shelton, Bob Costas and Motley Crue will be on the show tonight. Then, he began his nightly comedy monologue and joked about what is hot and trending in the news, like about Vice President Biden meeting with Republican Congressional leaders “because he’s not allowed to be ‘home alone’ anymore.” Then, Fallon pretended to throw a fake saxophone around, and he and members of The Roots took turns throwing it and playing “air saxophone.”

He said that the Senate voted 98 to 1 that climate change is real. Senator Wicker was the only one who voted “no.” Then, Fallon showed a clip of Obama giving a talk at a college, and went into the comedy bit, “Splitting the Dif.” In the segment, Fallon showed on the TV screen what Republicans wanted, and what Democrats wanted, and then he finally showed the compromise that was reached between them.

Fallon said that gas prices keep going down, and joked about that. Then, he said that New Kids on the Block are planning a reunion tour. He said with gas prices now under $2.00 a gallon and 1980s groups on tour, “I must have traveled in time.’

Then, Jimmy Fallon mentioned that the Tonight Show would do a special show after the Super Bowl, and he and Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart will do an epic three-way Lip Sync Battle. Ariana Grande will be singing. After that, he mentioned the guests for tonight, again, and said that he and Blake will be playing a new game, the Whisper Challenge.

The hashtag tonight was one on Vine instead of on Twitter, and people sent in their favorite touchdown dance videos. The first one was called the “Giddyup Horsie.” Another one he showed was “I Didn’t Realize My Boss Was Watching.” The last one was called the “Gnome Dance.”

Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, Blake Shelton, and The Roots played Thank God I’m a Country Boy. Blake reminded Fallon that the last time he was on, he and Gwyneth Paltrow did a Lip Sync Battle with Fallon, and Fallon lost. Fallon asked Shelton if he saw him doing an impersonation of Blake when he sang with Barbra Streisand, but he did not see him. He said his mom saw it, though, and said to Blake that it was ridiculous. She said to Blake “You don’t even wear a cowboy hat,” like Fallon had worn.

Jimmy Fallon congratulated Shelton on winning The Voice with Craig Wayne Boyd. Kidding around, Fallon said “Because of us, your song Neon Lights became the number one song.”

Shelton told Fallon he would be singing Neon Lights and Boys Around Here on Saturday Night Live. Jimmy started singing Boys Around Here, and sang almost all of it, as The Roots played along.

“I seriously can’t stand you,” Blake told him.

“It’s always fun having you on here. Do you mind playing a game after we come back after the break?” Fallon asked. Blake accepted the Whisper Challenge.

Jimmy Fallon said that one person puts on headphones with loud music playing, and the other person reads something off of a card that the other person tries to guess. Fallon went first. He said “Pumpkin spice latte.” Blake did not even come close to getting it right. His response was funny, but unprintable here.

Then, Fallon put on the headphones, and Blake read off a card “Benedict Cumberbatch.” The first time he read it off, Fallon did not get it right, but then he said it two more times, and Fallon finally said “Benedict Cumberbatch.” Blake did not know that was a person, and he thought it was just nonsense words on the card. “Cobra Kai,” was the next the next one Fallon tried to get Blake to guess. Blake said “Cobra karate,” and Fallon gave it to him.

Blake then read off “50 Shades of Grey,” and Jimmy Fallon got it right the first time off of the bat. After that, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, sportscaster Bob Costas. Fallon said that Costas has won 26 Emmy Awards for Sports Broadcasting. Costas brought up that Fallon had made jokes about Costas getting pinkeye during the Winter Olympics. “You almost ruined the Olympics for everyone,” Fallon told him.

He said “There’s only one condition in sports worse than pinkeye, and that’s deflated balls. It’s quite possible that someone in charge of the balls deflated them too much.”

They both talked about a lot of other subjects, like throwing out the first pitch at baseball games. Fallon showed a clip of Bob Costas throwing the first pitch at a Cardinals game.

Jimmy Fallon said “I think the Super Bowl game will be a close one.”

“Vegas has it about even,” Costas said. After another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon said that Motley Crue will be performing on the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon

“I love these guys! They will perform their final show on New Year’s Eve 2015. They will perform Girls, Girls, Girls live on our show!” Fallon said. As the words were leaving his mouth, Motley Crue started jamming out. They sound as good as they ever have sounded — it was a pretty amazing performance that all fans of Motley Crue should see. Sure, it is an older song, but it still is a pretty cool one.

That was the end of this Thursday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Blake Shelton is not only a great country music singer, he is also someone who has a good sense of humor. The Whisper Challenge he took part in with Fallon was humorous, and his appearance on the next Saturday Night Live should be a Must See one. Bob Costas then talked about “Burning Questions,” like the proper size that balls should be inflated, his case of the pinkeye during the Shoji Winter Olympics, and more. Motley Crue concluded the show by rocking the roof off of 30 Rock.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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