Jimmy Fallon and Chris Hemsworth Play ‘Water War’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

This Tuesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host of the show, Jimmy Fallon, had on as his guests Chris Hemsworth, whose latest movie will be Blackhat, and actress Sienna Miller, who stars in Mississippi Grind. The musical guest was Joey Bada$$.

Jimmy Fallon told some terrific jokes during his monologue tonight, about political figures, personalities, and other things in today’s headlines. The audience gave him a standing ovation. He joked about the Pentagon having been “hacked by ISIS” yesterday. “Either that, or someone got in trouble for posting his junk and blamed ISIS,” Fallon said.

After Jimmy Fallon announced some upcoming guests, he mentioned his first guest tonight would be “the Sexiest Man Alive,” according to People, Chris Hemsworth from Blackhat, a Michael Mann film. Fallon said they would play a game of Water War later. Then, he said that Foxcatcher and American Sniper actress, Sienna Miller, would be the second guest. She will also be taking over from Emma Stone in Cabaret. Fallon added that rapper Joey Bada$$ will be the musical guest.

The “Pros & Cons of Having a Self-Driving Car,” was what Fallon looked at next. A few of the Pros & Cons he mentioned are “Pro: Seeing a car drive by with no one in the driver’s seat. Con: Looking closer and seeing it’s being driven by Kim Jun-Un. Pro: Not having to steer can free your hands up to do more important tasks. Con: Like giving people two middle fingers. Pro: Hooking up in the back seat. Con: Getting a speeding ticket when your car hears someone saying ‘faster, faster!'”

Jimmy Fallon introduced Chris Hemsworth and asked him if he got anything free now that he has been named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

He said, “Yeah, lots — like free parking –“

“Probably free breadsticks at Olive Garden, too,” Fallon said.

Then, Fallon asked Chris about the movie, Blackhat. “Blackhat hackers are criminals who hack into systems, right? And, if I’m right, Whitehats are hackers who get hired by companies to try to see if they can hack into their systmes to defend themselves from hackers.”

Hemsworth said that Blackhat “was in classic Michael Mann style,” and he said he even went to “two different prisons.” He had a blond ponytail from having played Thor. “We were getting constantly heckled, with people yelling, ‘Hey, Thor’s here!’ and getting aggressive invitations to join some of the men in their cells.”

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon then showed a action-packed clip of a fight scene from Blackhat. After the intense clip was over, he said that when the Tonight Show returned, he and Chris would be playing a game called Water War.

Water War, Fallon said, was like the card game War, except the loser would get a pint of water thrown in his face. After someone had five glasses thrown in his face, the winner would get to “water cannon,” the loser. Chris Hemsworth won the first round, and tossed a glass of water in Fallon’s face. Then, he went two-for-two, but poured the second glass of water over Fallon’s head.

The third time was the charm for Jimmy Fallon, who tossed a glass of water in Hemsworth’s face. He won the next round, also, and poured the glass of water in Hemsworth’s lap. Fallon ended up winning, and squirted Hemsworth with a water cannon, as the Blackhat actor danced about like he was in some sort of wet T-shirt contest. The women in the audience cheered, liking how Hemsworth looked with the wet shirt clinging to his chest.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, Sienna Miller, after a commercial break. Fallon said “We were in a film together, called Factory Girl.” He showed a couple of stills from the movie, saying “By the end of the movie, I was, of course, a blonde.” The photo showed him with blonde hair. They talked about the fun that they had, “staying at a Resident Inn.”

Somehow, Sienna managed to make roast chicken while there. They talked about drinking Jagerbombs, and how they now both have kids. Jimmy Fallon praised her acting in Foxcatcher and American Sniper, and asked her about working with the director, Clint Eastwood. “He’s a stud, isn’t he?” Fallon asked her.

“Yeah, he’s a dude,” she replied. She told Jimmy that she played a real person in American Sniper, which also stars Bradley Cooper. He plays a man who was an actual sniper who killed around 160 to 170 people or so. The clip that Fallon introduced showed her and Cooper’s character in bed, talking about the killing he had done, with him justifying it by saying it was a part of his job, and he was saving the lives of a lot of people.

Sienna told Fallon she had felt “left out,” when the Tonight Show host had played Water War with Chris Hemsworth, so Fallon told her that she could throw a glass of water on him. She acted as if she was walking away from his desk, then turned around and flung the glass of water right at his face. Fallon looked kind of surprised, though he knew it was coming. Maybe he was not expecting the ferocity at which the water was thrown on him.

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Jimmy Fallon said that from the album Before Me, Joey Bada$$ would perform the song Like Me. Fallon said that the first time Joey was on a show with him was in 2012, when Fallon hosted the Late Show. Joey Bada$$ did a terrific job rapping, and the guy who sang with him, the Chicago Kid, also added a lot to the song. Joey’s debut album will be out in stores on January 20. Until then, listen to his music streaming at the last link, below!

Jimmy Fallon had some pretty cool guests on the Tonight Show on Tuesday. Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, was Fallon’s first guest, talking about his newest movie, Blackhat. After that, actress Sienna Miller from American Sniper chatted with Jimmy Fallon about some of the good times they had together while working on the movie, Factory Girl. Sienna also talked about her latest movie, American Sniper. The Tonight Show concluded with an excellent performance by rapper Joey Bada$$.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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