Jimmy Fallon and Don Cheadle in ‘Pleather and Jerry’ Skit

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Friday, the guests were actor Don Cheadle, from HBO’s House of Lies, who was in a Pleather and Jerry skit later in the episode with Fallon and Questlove of The Roots; and, actress Kate Bosworth, from the movie Still Alice. Fallon did his humorous weekly “Thank You Notes,” comedy segment, and the musical guest was a cool rapper, Lecrae.

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue included jokes about President Obama posting plans on his Facebook about “making the first two years of community college free.” He added that “Biden got confused, and poured a bucket of water over his head.”

Then, Fallon mentioned that Mike Huckabee from Arkansas will be releasing his 12th book soon, and he also joked about Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush saying that she “was rooted in the 1990s.” Fallon also cracked jokes about Macy’s, and that they have plans to start up a chain of discount stores, and ones about the Samuel Adams time capsule that was recently discovered. He then showed a scene from The Bachelor TV series that was somewhat funny.

After that, Jimmy Fallon made comments about the NFL games coming up this weekend, and did his weekly Tonight Show Superlatives comedy bit, in which he shows photos of NFL players and says what they were voted Most Likely to Be or Do. It is always a funny bit.

The Roots played Fallon to his desk, and he said next week Gwyneth Paltrow and other guests will be on the show. Then, he mentioned tonight’s guests, Don Cheadle and Kate Bosworth, and musical guest, Lecrae.

Jimmy Fallon next wrote out his weekly “Thank You Notes.” He and announcer, Steve Higgins, cracked up the keyboard player, James Posey, who always tries to maintain a serious expression on his face.

“Thank you, Girl Scouts, for introducing three different kinds of new cookies and ending 97 percent of people’s New Year’s Resolutions,” was one of them, and another was “Thank you, gap between my car seat and the center console, for being wide enough for my iPhone, but not my hand.”

Yet another “Thank You Note” was “Thank you, Bathroom Hand Dryers, for both drying my hands and making me look like I’m devising an evil plan.” Fallon’s last “Thank You Note,” was “Thank you, the word ‘influenza,’ for making the flu sound like a beautiful Spanish woman.”

Returning from the first commercial break of the night, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, House of Lies actor, Don Cheadle, who will also be one of the presenters of awards at this Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards show. Don came out, bowing to the audience before he took a seat.

“The most insincere bow,” Fallon said. He congratulated Don for having won a Golden Globe Award last year, and asked if he was going to be there this year. Cheadle told Fallon “yes,” and he talked about how it was like winning a Golden Globe award last year.

After that, Jimmy Fallon embarrassed Cheadle by showing a clip of when Don was a backup dancer in a video. Then, Don related to Fallon about how he landed the job, which he did not really want in the first place.

Jimmy Fallon asked if Don had ever done any other sort of work, and Cheadle replied that all he has ever done is acting, “or unemployment, and I don’t count unemployment.”

Of course, Fallon could not resist asking Don Cheadle about what is going to be happening on House of Lies. Cheadle told him a few details, and then Fallon showed a clip from the season premiere, in which Cheadle talks about “believing in the dharma,” of various things.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back from another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon, Don Cheadle and Questlove, the leader of the house band, The Roots, were in a skit called Pleather and Jerry. To introduce the skit, Fallon talked with Cheadle about a supposed TV series called America’s Power Hour, and the singers Pleather and Jerry who sometimes sang on the show.

They both did a M.C. Hammer style of dance, and Don Cheadle had on sunglasses and a wig with long hair. They sang a song about “doing it,” in bathrooms at seafood restaurants; then, they sang a second song about how they “just did it,” with girls in bathrooms at shopping mall food court restaurants. The third song that they sang together was Girl, Let’s Just Do It Again.

Jimmy Fallon

The second guest was actress Kate Bosworth, and she talked with Jimmy Fallon about her latest movie, Still Alice, which will open in limited release starting on January 16. “The Boz, Kate Bosworth!” Fallon said. She told him that that was what everyone called her in high school.

They discussed their mutual love of football, and Jimmy Fallon brought up that Kate was a Dallas Cowboys fan and Fallon is a fan of the Patriots. He asked her if she jumped up and down the last game, which the Cowboys won, and she said that she watched that game with the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones.

Kate told Fallon when she and her husband watch football at their home, “Every time the Cowboys get a touchdown, I and my husband do shots of whisky.”

They then talked about the film, Still Alice, about a woman who gets Alzheimer’s. Fallon showed a clip from the movie, and it looks like it will be a good one, but probably a sad one, as well. Then, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy FAllon

Lecrae then performed the song Welcome to America from his latest album, Anomaly. He is a fantastic rapper, and it was an emotional, powerful song about America, with an American flag in the background. He rapped about some of the injustices that still exist in America, and the song even featured quotes that Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke.

That wrapped up this Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Actor Don Cheadle has been on the show in the past, and he is always a great guest. He, Fallon, and Questlove were in a cool skit called Pleather and Jerry. Actress Kate Bosworth and Jimmy Fallon chatted about their love of football and Kate’s upcoming film, Still Alice. Rapper Lecrae ended the episode with the powerful song about racial injustice, Welcome to America.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

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