Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Catchphrase’ With Jennifer Lopez [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

This Monday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the guests were singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and actor Anthony Mackie (Black or White). Also, both Lopez and Mackie played a game of Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Show announcer, Steve Higgins, and comedian Iliza Shlesinger performed a humorous stand-up routine.

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show by welcoming his studio audience and then he performed his nightly comedy monologue. He wished everyone a happy Martin Luther King Day, and then he joked about hot topics in today’s headlines, like the possibility that the New England Patriots deliberately deflated the balls used to play against the Colts.

Fallon also mentioned the NFL game between the Seahawks and the Packers, and joked about the State of the Union address that President Obama will give tomorrow. Fallon also joked about an airport terminal that will open next year just for animals.

Then, Jimmy Fallon announced upcoming guests, and mentioned that the show will be on the road after the Super Bowl and in Los Angeles for a week. He said that Jennifer Lopez, from The Boy Next Door, will be on tonight, and Anthony Mackie, who stars in the movie Black or White. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger will also be on.

Jimmy Fallon then mentioned the top three songs currently on the charts, and also the bottom ones. At 98, he said, was 5 Dollar Footlong by Sting, and at 99 was Let’s Get It On, spoken by Jerry Seinfeld. At 100 was The Jurassic Park Theme Song, as hummed by Cookie Monster.

Jimmy Fallon’s first guest was Jennifer Lopez. She has sold over 75 million albums worldwide. Fallon mentioned that he saw her in Orlando, and asked her how her kids were.

She told him that they were fine, and that they had just been seeing their dad the last couple of days. Fallon showed a picture of them, wearing sunglasses. Then, he showed a photo of Jennifer Lopez working on New Year’s Eve, giving a concert.

“When you’re in Vegas, are you a big gambler?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“No, but my mother is,” she said. She told Fallon that a couple of years ago, her mom won $2.4 million dollars at the slot machines in Las Vegas. Jimmy told her the same night, his dad won $200 at the slots in New Jersey.

Fallon asked her about the movie. She said it is about a woman whose husband had cheated on her. “A boy moves in next door — he’s 19 — and starts appreciating her. She crosses the line and shouldn’t have, and all h**l breaks loose.”

In the clip that Jimmy Fallon introduced, Lopez’s character demands a video from the boy. She asks him where he thinks this will all go. It was a pretty intense clip. Right before the commercial break, Fallon challenged her to a game of Catchphrase, and she accepted his challenge.

Jimmy Fallon

After Fallon explained the rules, the game began. Anthony Mackie gave clues for “Super Bowl,” and Fallon got it. One that Lopez got was “Baby Got Back.” Fallon was able to get Lopez to guess “Make It Rain,” correctly. “That was the best round of this game I’ve ever played in my life!” Fallon said, out of breath.

Mackie’s next card said “Hula Hoop” on it. He gave clues and Fallon answered correctly. Higgins got Mackie to say “Pink Eye,” and Fallon got Lopez to answer “Tough Cookie.” They played one more quick round to decide the winner. Fallon was able to get Lopez to say “Funny Bone.” Lopez tried to get Fallon to say “Bottom Line.” He said “line,” but the time had ran out, so Anthony Mackie and Stave Higgins won the game.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from the break, Anthony Mackie was the second guest of the Tonight Show. “They just announced that you’re gonna be in the next Captain America,” Fallon said. He is The Falcon. Fallon showed a photo of a boy who had trick-or-treated at Mackie’s door, dressed as The Falcon.

Mackie told Fallon about signing posters of himself as The Falcon at a Wal-Mart, and an employee there told him he would have to buy them all, because he “was defacing the store’s property.” He bought them, and had no trouble selling the autographed posters. Mackie then talked with Jimmy Fallon about the movie Black or White, which he stars in with Kevin Costner. The scene that Fallon showed looked like the movie will be a pretty good one.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back from yet another commercial break, comedian Iliza Shlesinger performed a stand-up routine. This Friday, her Netflix comedy special, Freezing Hot, will begin streaming live. She made jokes about growing up, and dating. She said that her date only had one drink and said “that meant that all I could drink is one drink.” She wanted to drink more, but she felt that she could not because the guy she was with only had one drink. She joked about a “party goblin” in her brain, that would wake up whenever she had a drink.

“The second we sense that you want a relationship,” Iliza said, “the gender roles reverse. The girl becomes the hunter, the girl becomes the creepy witch after your soul. We will say all of the things to lure you into a relationship. Gentlemen, you should know, once we have you, you’re ours. We’ll start a fight with you and try to make it seem like you started the fight.”

She kept having an internal monologue with the “party goblin,” inside of her. “Everything we tell you is a lie,” she said. “The big lie is ‘Go hang out with your friends. Go hang out, because I want you to be happy.” She added, in the “party goblin,” voice she used, “THERE ARE NO FRIENDS!”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was great this Martin Luther King Day Monday. Jennifer Lopez talked with Fallon about gambling and her latest movie, The Boy Next Door. She, actor Anthony Mackie, Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins, and host Jimmy Fallon played a fast-paced game of Catchphrase. Mackie talked with Fallon about his movie, Black or White, and comedian Iliza Shlesinger closed the episode with a LOL stand-up routine.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Catchphrase With Jennifer Lopez

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