Joe Condon Fights at WSOF [Interview]


Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) sat and watched cageside at the World Series Of Fighting (WSOF) 17, with Jake Shields vs. Brian Foster as the main event and Johnny Nunez vs. Joe Condon as the co-main event. Shields got his victory over Foster in round 1, 2 minutes 51 seconds in, with a submission known as a neck crank. The Co-Main event, however, was almost more exciting to see because there was actually a chance that Nunez could have gained a victory. Condon, though, through patience and persistent, overcame and took the victory in round 3, 4 minutes 22 seconds in, with a submission choke known as a guillotine choke. Both were exchanging blows back and forth. The fans seemed to be a little more for Nunez, but Condon gained their respect. Following the fight, GLV did an interview via Facebook with Joe Condon.

Q. What did you do to prepare for the fight?

A. I did my usual routine of training kickboxing, wrestling, grappling, and combining it all in MMA. I did a lot more of running because I was heavier than I’ve ever been.

Q. How much time did you put into training to prepare yourself for the fight?

A. I do two to three hours at night and one hour in the day on my lunch break because I do have a full-time job. I do this about six days a week.

Q. How much did you study on your opponent?

A. I didn’t have too much time to look him up since there was an opponent change on the day of the weigh-in’s, but I let my coach handle that anyway.

Q. During the fight, in the first round when you were in a rear naked choke, how confident where you that you would escape it?

A. The choke in the first was not that close to being finished, I knew I was going to be able to scramble to an escape as long as I relaxed.

Q. After winning with what Rutten would consider a hard move to pull off from the ground,  a guillotine in a co-main event, where could this victory take you to in the future?

A. This is easily the biggest victory of my career and the MMA sites were buzzing after my win, so I would say this win opened a lot of doors.

Joe Condon pulled a great victory on very short notice of getting an opponent, and a small time frame in which to prepare. Condon is training out of Cobra Kai in Victorville, CA.  Joe Stevenson was there at the WSOF in his corner. He credits his success heavily on the help and support of his wife, family and friends. At the after-party, the amount of backing he had was easily observed, as there was a swell of supporters around him offering support and congratulations. Those are the moments that have a huge impact on every fighter. Condon showed professionalism before, in, and after the fight. He was magnanimous, being polite to fans who wanted to meet and take photos with him. He was the model of a humble athlete, even after a win. The Condon fight was hugely entertaining to witness, and points to a promising future of more to come.

Interview By Arturo Aranza

Live viewing cageside, WSOF 17
Interview with Joe Condon via Facebook, 1/21/15

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