Joe Stevenson Returns to the Octagon: Alpha Fight [Interview]

Joe Stevenson

Guardian Liberty Voice sat down and spoke via phone Interview with Joe “Daddy” Stevenson about his fight coming up on January 30,  the Super Brawl Showdown Pay-Per-View (PPV) match at the Phoenix Zoo Arizona Center for Nature Conservation. This will be his first match back after a two-year hiatus. His opponent will be Dominique “fallen angel” Robinson.

To begin, Stevenson was asked what his game plan was to avoid the strike, given Robinson’s reputation as a strong KO artist.  (Robinson has a record of 8-4, with four of his wins being TKO and 1 KO. His response was,

Anyone can KO anyone, I don’t think avoiding the strikes is a big deal. Yeah, he hits hard he just doesn’t hit harder than Melvin [Guillard]. I got the same chances of knocking him out as he does me. Out of 48-46 Professional fights, I’ve only gotten KO’d once. Jens Pulver broken my orbital when I was in high school. You can count that as a KO, But I only woken up once from a fight. I believe he can be KO. I think we are pretty even on the feet. I am going to try to take him down. I am going to make a statement. Dominique I don’t like. I don’t think he’s a good person, he’s been very negative. He didn’t show up to our paper view meeting because he didn’t want to see me before the fight. If they told me to go out to Vegas I would have done it. It might not have been in good timing, but I just think it’s rude.

When asked what preparation he had been doing for the fight, Stevenson said,

It’s more of what have I not done? I have not over trained, I have not put myself into a catabolic shape. I woke up today at 162 pounds, two weeks from this fight. This is the lightest I’ve ever been before a fight in preparation. I’ve been working with doctors in a fight lab, with Mark Munoz at Reign with Sam Calavita. I go to sleep and my heart is monitored, each workout is heart monitored, the only people who are doing this is are the people at the Olympic Training Center. I did this show called “Kingdom” and I saw actors have better discipline then most of the professional fighters that I’ve seen. Ever since I gave up on drinking, my feelings have been amazing.  I never used to feel because my feelings would be numb.  Now I learned how to deal with my feelings again, that it’s so powerful because it can motivate you positively. I was overdoing in my training that I would be worn out, but now I feel like I can squat 1,000 pounds when I’m able to squat 900. In the show “Kingdom” the actors would push me when I was supposed to push them. It was amazing. This how much support I’m getting: from texts from Nick Jonas to work-out sessions with Jonathan Tucker yesterday at Easton gym in Hollywood, to Matt Lauria is coming to my house Sunday and Monday and is going to do a daily routine with me. This isn’t for them, it’s for us. We weren’t just a team on the show, we are a team outside as well. There is so much love, I’m going to kill Dominique with love.

When Stevenson was asked what made him want to return to the octagon, he said,

I watched the actors portray as fighters that I wished they were fighters. I don’t do drugs, I feel so good that I love how I feel, I feel that fighting is my drug of choice.

Stevenson had previously posted on Facebook that his main goal was to achieve the UFC belt, when asked if that was still his goal, he answered,

No, now with time and maturity my goal is to be the best in the world. You don’t have to be in the UFC to be the best in the world. We are prize fighters until the UFC steps up like the NFL and MLB. They want to be treated like professionals, they have to act like professionals. Until it is that way, that is not my goal. My goal is to be the best prize fighter, and the UFC asks me to come back to them. To me it’s about being the best for me. Before I was fighting to pay bills and put food on the table for the kids. My gym is open up for everyone, it’s for me, but everyone is able to reap the benefits.

As a final question, Stevenson was asked about the rumors that have been floating around that Dana White of the UFC was in danger of being fired. He was asked if he thought that was something that should happen.

No, if it wasn’t for Dana we wouldn’t be in the position to talk about Dana being fired. Dana is smart. I never had anything bad to say about Dana. I sat down and drank with him, we ate together, he’s a great guy! They started to insure fighters cause they didn’t want the fighters to unionize and things like that. How can NFL athletes have revenue after they are done with the sport? It’s because they were able to invest into the NFL that they were able invest into their 401k and things like that. That’s what professional is. UFC going to grow into it.  NFL, MLB has been around for years, and UFC for 20 years. It just comes with time and they will grow into it. I know Dana will take the ball and run with it, I know he’s the front head, but how can we point the finger on him when it’s we who can’t accept it. It’s up to us!

Joe Stevenson will be facing Dominique Robinson on the PPV Super Brawl Showdown, and intents to make his return in epic style. Stevenson has the personality to go with his power that makes him an immediate fan favorite. His self-awareness and genuine heartfelt concern for those around him and supporting him is infectious. Just two weeks before the fight, he mentioned taking time to come to Las Vegas to corner a friend, Joseph Condon, in his World Series of Fighting (WSOF) fight on Saturday January 17.  It is not difficult to see why Robinson may not have wanted to do pre-fight publicity next to him. It would be difficult to come out looking well in the comparison. The only comparison that matters now will be the one staged in the octagon on January 30, and that will be all physical. Tickets for that fight at the Phoenix Zoo are still available at for those eager to watch the return of this superstar.

Interview By Art Aranza

Interview 1-15-15 with Joe Stevenson
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