Justin Bieber Mocked on ‘SNL’ by Kate McKinnon

Justin Bieber

On Saturday Night Live (SNL), Justin Bieber and his new role as a Calvin Klein model was mocked by actress Kate McKinnon. There has been a lot of speculation among media sources and both Bieber lovers and haters as to whether his muscles and other physical attributes had been airbrushed or not. This subject became the makings of one of SNL‘s funniest commercial parodies ever when McKinnon played Bieber in a black-and-white video, modeling Calvin Klein underwear.

In fairness to Justin Bieber, 20, he has been working out a lot, and it shows. Yet, somehow, his added muscle has not stopped him from being made the brunt of jokes from some comedians and media sources. It has seemed that his efforts to change the opinions of some of his haters has only reinforced their original beliefs about the Canadian singer.

Calvin Klein has had famous celebs plug the company’s underwear before, like professional soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. While nobody denies that Justin Bieber is not a top athlete at the height of his physical powers, he is no wimp, either.  Justin Bieber

What perhaps was one of the most insulting things about the spoof was that SNL did not choose one of their male cast members to mock Justin Bieber. Instead, Kate McKinnon played the Biebster. She has played him in the past, to wicked perfection; and, the Calvin Klein skit was also comedic gold.

Standing at only 5 feet 7, there was probably only so much that Justin Bieber could do to change his image in the eyes of some people through adding bulk in the form of muscles. In the SNL Calvin Klein skit, this was highlighted by using cast regular, Cecily Strong, who is taller than Kate, at 5 feet 10 inches. Kate McKinnon was dwarfed by her, much as Justin Bieber is by the model in the actual Calvin Klein ads, Lara Stone.

Kate says in the skit “I’m not supposed to drink, but I do,” and the model supplies a handy juice box to fulfill Bieber’s wilder side. Also, in reference to the rumors that the Calvin Klein photos might have been photoshopped, the underwear that McKinnon is wearing are obviously stuffed in the front. Even though they have more stuffing in them than a Christmas turkey, the tighty-whities have the letters “XXS” on them.

At the start of the skit, McKinnon’s version of Justin Bieber combs a beard and mustache that is not really there. Then, Kate, as the Biebster, tries to score with the “model,” Cecily Strong, but Strong keeps eluding him.

At one point in the Calvin Klein skit, Kate McKinnon flexes and pouts and asks the camera “Are my muscles cute?” The SNL actress then sniffs her armpit and proceeds to gag after inhaling the B.O. there.

Kate McKinnon’s parody of the Calvin Klein ads that Justin Bieber is in was among the funnier comedy skits from the Saturday, January 17 Saturday Night Live show. Kevin Hart did a great job of hosting, as well, making the episode the funniest one of the new year, as Hart had predicted it would be. It was also the first episode of the new year, but that is beside the point.

Written By Douglas Cobb

New Zealand Herald
NBC Universal Media Village
Photo by Ricky Brigante – Flickr License

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