Kaley Cuoco Apologizes for Feminist Comments

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has sort of apologized for her comments about feminism. However, it was not quite an apology for her opinion, but more of for anyone she caused offense to. She still stands by her words that she gave in the interview with Redbook that was published last week.

According to The Big Bang Theory actress, her words were taken out of context in the interview. She used Instagram to share her apology and tell people that it happens in the business. It is something that she expected, but it did mean that the comments were not completely relevant to her real thoughts.

That being said, she still does not consider herself a feminist. Cuoco mentioned how the fight for equality was before her time, and she does not feel the need to fight for it more because she has never been face with inequality. There is certainly inequality in the world, but that was her personal opinion and feelings about it.

She is currently one of the three main characters on The Big Bang Theory, and reports show that she is paid the same amount as her two co-stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. Some reports suggest that the three are paid $1 million per episode, or that it could increase to that by their 10th season in a similar way to the Friends actors.

While Cuouo apologized for her feminism comments offending people, she stands by her worlds. She enjoys being a “housewife,” or at least feeling like one. She goes home and cooks dinner for her husband, and makes him feel loved.

Surely, there is nothing wrong with that. As long as she is happy, there is nothing wrong with her wanting to feel like a “housewife.” If she forced herself to do something else and focus on equality, that would make her unhappy in her life and it could cause strain on her relationship. It is worth pointing out that feminism is all about choice, and not necessarily all about women no longer doing the things their ancestors did. Cuoco is making a choice to look after her husband, so really she is following the feminism way of life.

A number of people took to Twitter after the interview was published to complain about her words. Many said that they were disappointed, especially in feeling like she has misunderstood what feminism really is. Cuoco is not the first person to spark controversy over comments about feminism.

Shailene Woodley sparked controversy when asked if she was a feminist last year. She mentioned that she was not because she “loved men.” It quickly became clear that she did not really understand to full meaning of feminism, especially when she went on to say that taking power from men and raising women higher was not going to help create a needed balance. She later explained her comments, but still believed that feminism creates discrimination, and she cannot stand by that. Cuoco clearly understands the meaning of feminism, but offended people with her comments and views, which is something she apologized for through social media.

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