National Title Game Set After First Playoff in College Football History

National Title

One of the biggest complaints from fans over the years, ever since the BCS, Bowl Championship Series, came into play, was that a lot of teams were getting snubbed from a shot at the national title picture. After making the announcement two years ago, New Years day 2015 saw the very first two playoff games in college football history. Two big bowl games to determine the first two contestants for the National Title.

The playoff system is brand new and still very flawed. Only four teams make the playoffs in the fight for the National Title game. If the revenue is what it is projected to be for both the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl it would be hard to see only a four team playoff system lasting very long. Most likely expanding to an eight team playoff and the top two still competing for the National Title.

For now, the Alabama Crimson Tide, Oregon Ducks, Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Florida State Seminoles make up the four teams represented in the first ever playoff tournament. Two games to start 2015 off with a bang to determine who will play for the brand new national championship trophy.

The first game to start the day was third ranked FSU taking on second ranked Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Traditionally the Rose bowl is between the Pac-12 winner and the Big 10 winner. Now that the bowls will be playoff games, they will rotate, which is why FSU from the ACC played in the game. FSU was last years national title champion and they had not lost a game since 2012. Undefeated on their run to the title last year and undefeated all season long. FSU had a knack for going down early in games to post miraculous comebacks late to take the victory.

In the Rose Bowl the high powered offense of the Ducks was just too much for the Seminoles to handle. The game was very close heading into the half as FSU was only down 18-13. FSU got the ball to start the second half but turned it over on their very first drive. FSU was able to score a touchdown in the third quarter but it was all over from that point on. Oregon outscored Florida State 41-7 in the second half alone. Oregon rolled on to the National Championship in easy fashion.

The second bowl game of the day was the Sugarbowl as first ranked Alabama took on fourth ranked Ohio State in the Sugar bowl. OSU struck first with a field goal to go up 3-0 but Alabama answered back on their very next drive. In the first half Alabama jumped out to an early lead, but much like the earlier Rose Bowl, the two teams in this one went into the half in a very close ball game 21-20 Alabama lead.

OSU started the second half with the ball and wasted no time. Quarterback Cardale Jones threw a 47 touchdown pass to Devin Smith, giving Ohio their first lead of the game 27-21. Alabama would get on the board with a touchdown in the third quarter to try and keep things close. Ohio State jumped out to a big lead, and lead late 42-28 in the fourth. Alabama refused to lie down though and kept fighting. The Crimson Tide was alive until the final drive where they came up short on a hailmary to the end zone.

Number two and number four seeds will face each other in the first National Title game after winning their respective playoff games. The Oregon Ducks against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Monday January 12 in Arlington Texas at AT&T Stadium. Both teams have endured quite a bit this season to get them where they are. Both teams get a chance to bring the National Title home to their school and have the spotlight on them for a whole year.

Commentary by Andy Lapic


Photo By John Martinez Pavliga –Flickr License

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