New England Patriots Fans Are Stranded

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The Seattle Seahawks are already known for having the best and loudest fans in the NFL. With a crowd more known as being Seattle’s “12th Man,” it is certainly a give-in that the Seahawks will have the most fans at Super Bowl XLIX. This will surely make the difference in this weekend’s Super Bowl game, as the New England Patriots might have to expect a lesser amount of their fans at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

There is one factor that will affect how many Patriots fans will be present in this weekend’s Super Bowl – Mother Nature. The East Coast is currently suffering from horrific amounts of snow, and the severe blizzard has caused many facilities to shut down, including all airports. New England itself has received almost 30 inches of snow since Tuesday. Since that day, it has been reported that the entire region has accumulated nearly four inches of snow an hour. The severity of this blizzard has yet to die down, as New England is still expecting to have more snow. With this winter storm still in full effect, Patriots fans are left stranded while Seattle fans are making their way down south to enjoy the biggest sports weekend of the year in the Arizona sun.

For the New England fans that will be forced to miss out on their Super Bowl travels, exactly how much money went to waste? Patriots fans cannot be too happy about the financial deficit in their bank accounts as the snow resulted in cancelled flights. The average price for a Super Bowl ticket was reported to be around $4800, which is the cost of nearly ten regular season tickets. Some of the better seats are even reporting to be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. This amount does not include what fans had to spend on hotel accommodations and flights to Arizona. Hotels are averaging about $500 a night, with hotels surrounding the stadium nearly double that amount. Hotels in the stadium’s vicinity are averaging around $1000-$2500 a night. Most hotels are even requiring a minimum stay of four nights. Round-trip flights from Seattle to Phoenix averaged around $1000, while flights from Boston averaged around $1300. Another expected cost would be spending money on dinner and of course, the official Super Bowl XLIX gear.

Many players off of the Denver Broncos had no problem admitting that it was difficult to play against the Seahawks in last year’s Super Bowl. The Broncos stated that the Super Bowl felt as if they were playing in Seattle’s CenturyLink Field as a home game just by how much crowd support they had and how loud it was. The MetLife Stadium was filled with Seattle’s 12th Man last year, and this year surely will not be any different in Arizona. With Patriots fans being stranded in New England, and many fans having no other choice but to cancel all travel plans to Arizona, the Patriots could be in trouble as far as having the right amount of supporters in the crowd. This could ultimately be a factor in their performance as a whole.

Commentary By Tricia Manalansan

NY Times

Photo Courtesy Todd Shoemake – Creativecommons License

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