New Year’s Resolution Apps That Help People Achieve Personal Goals

New Year

New year’s resolution apps that help people achieve personal goals abound, giving users another way to harness technology to their advantage. Year 2014 is done and everyone faces 2015 with refreshed excitement, hope and goals. People innately love to change for the better, but a new year’s resolution would seem impossible to accomplish. The good news is, mobile devices are ubiquitous and have apps to help anyone achieve personal goals, several of which are even for free.

No matter how noble, some people just have not formulated their own New Year’s resolutions. If they want it real hard, the Lift is a coaching app where the user gets expert guidance at $14.99. It gives guided tips and guidelines on how to meditate, get in shape and set proper priorities. Users can even have a chat with a personal coach.

Becoming more productive at work is a great goal. People who always do multi-step tasks on their phones will find Workflow, priced $3 at iOS, time-saving. Instead of checking on calendar for the day’s schedule, launching maps for directions while composing an email, Workflow automates tasks around various apps and streamline the sets of swiping with a few taps.

Those who are interested to learn a new language may find help from, a free app in both iOS and Android, which provides a newsfeed of papers and allows the user to pick words to build his personal flashcard. That is perhaps better than practicing phrases in another language, which at times is not practical. keeps one informed while providing learning on how words fit in conversations.

When reading is a priority, then three of the new year’s resolution apps that help people achieve personal goals are Scribd, Oyster and Kindle Unlimited. Catching up with reading would be easy with them since they come with unlimited reads for a monthly fee of $8.99, $9.95 and $9.99, respectively.

Getting in shape amidst a hectic schedule is a big challenge. SmartMat helps mobile device users do their own yoga. Downloadable for $297, it works like a computerized and personal instructor that uses sensors to judge the user’s alignment, giving real-time feedback via the smartphone and tablet. Those who like traditional exercise more than yoga, can instead use fitness tracker Misfit Shine, at $79.99. It tracks miles, sleep, steps, calories and more; and it is waterproof up to 50 meters and does not require charging.

If to travel more is a new year’s resolution, the free iOS app, Flight Tonight, keeps the user informed of the current best deals on flights at the nearest airport. Hotel Tonight is also available in Windows, Android and iOS for free, to give potential places to stay.

Smoking is among the most difficult habit to quit, and for those who love to kick it off as their ultimate new year’s resolution, may try Quitbit. At $99, the smart lighter cuts the user off when his daily limit is reached, while keeping track of his progress along the way.

Being sleep deprived is not good for the health and productivity. However, an app ResMed can help users get enough sleep. Priced $149.99, it monitors noise, light and room temperature levels to ensure the environment is conducive to sleep. From a bedside table, it can gauge the user’s chest movements and track how well he sleeps in the night. In the morning, free UP Coffee app from iOS helps reduce caffeine consumption. If the user finds it difficult to get sleep, there is Netflix that shows documentaries which he can watch until his body is ready for sleep.

The new year should be a year of more financial abundance. To keep the budget in place, iOS and Android free app Level Money marks all the purchases made from a checking account to keep the owner on track of his current spending and be informed that the account needs replenishment.

Who does not want to be happier? Perhaps one of the loveliest new year’s resolution apps that help people achieve personal goals is the free app Happify. It tries keep iOS users blissful with activities and games intended to formulate positive goals and feel grateful for what they have.

By Judith Aparri

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