Robert Allenby Suffers Kidnapping Ordeal

Robert Allenby
Professional golfer Robert Allenby has reported suffering an ordeal on Friday night, saying he was kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed before being left in a park approximately six miles from the wine bar located in Waikiki Beach that he began at. He said that he may have been drugged before being taken out of the bar to a parking garage where he says he was beaten and tossed into the trunk of a car. He had been at the bar with his caddie, Mick Middlemo, along with another friend, Anthony Puntoriero.

Allenby became separated from his two friends, who reported not seeing him leave the bar. According to reports, he paid his bill and was seen on camera leaving with a group of about five or six people. The footage did not show the alleged attack which resulted in his physical injuries. The reported kidnapping ordeal left Allenby suffering from multiple cuts and scrapes on his face. It was reported by a homeless woman witness to him being dumped from a vehicle at the park that he sustained much of that damage hitting the pavement after being tossed from the car. He tweeted after the fact that he was ok, merely in a great deal of pain. He said that the assailants took his phone, credit cards and cash after beating him up.

He was found in a park after the assault by a local veteran, who paid for a taxi to get him back to the Waialae Country Club, where he was staying. Fellow Australian PGA tour professional, Stuart Appleby, reported having spoken to Allenby on Saturday morning after the incident. He declined to share the details of that conversation, saying that he was unsure of how “straight his brain is” after the events of the evening. Allenby had just missed making the cut in the Sony Open after Friday’s round prior to going out to the bar that evening. He reportedly made statements that he did not think he was going to come out of the experience. He was visibly shaken by the evening’s events.

According to Middlemo, Allenby had virtually no recollection of the night’s events on Saturday morning. Only after returning to the bar with investigators did he begin to recall the details of his night. He reported that the investigation at the bar had given police some “names and numbers” and leads to pursue. He expressed confidence that the suspects would be found and apprehended. He was still being interviewed by the FBI on Saturday evening. According to police, it is being considered a second-degree robbery investigation.

No longer in the tournament, Allenby had originally intended to leave Hawaii Saturday morning before being delayed by this kidnapping ordeal. He does not know yet how much longer he will need to remain where he is. He has said that he is still considering playing in next week’s Humana Challenge in California. No comment was made as to whether his injuries would have any anticipated impact on his game were he to decide to play next week.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Nik Wilets – Flickr License

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