Social Media a Stress Release for Women

Social Media

Social media is common among today’s everyday working class, non-working class, adults, teens, pre-teens and children. A number of people admit that it would be a struggle to live without it. Among the media over-achievers, this is used as a tool for unwinding at the end of the day, catching up with friends, networking, responding to messages, educating, learning and any number of endless possibilities. College students rely on it for the questions that they have daily, personal as well as academic. Being overwhelmed seems to be the norm in our society, and coping is dealt with inwardly with the use of personal devices. Women, in particular, are often the people in a household in danger of being the most stressed out, and social media is becoming a common form of stress release for them.

On campuses across the country, many students are admittedly addicted to Facebook, Twitter and everything social media. In some ways these are the things that could seriously overwhelm and stress one out, but for most, going without social media is not an option. If there is a lull or any boredom, again social media to the rescue.  It is the perfect time filler. Always changing, it has the lure that something may be missed if not checked upon.

Another study found that students across the globe in five continents, after being without their social media devices more than 24 hours, became visibly stressed out. They were nervous, anxious, irritable, and some even became angry. During this study, a number of students refused to complete the 24-hour period of abstinence. These students were not willing to be without their beloved social artery. Most Facebook customers use it every day.

Good news for women, researchers have released findings from a survey which concluded that vigorous use of social media can actually provide stress relief. A Rutgers University communications professor put it into perspective when he pointed out that there were at least three aspects of social media which make women decrease their stress level while using this technology. These were supportive exchange, maintaining household family relationships and sharing events. Staying in touch with close friends, acquaintances, and family is exhausting, but these tools put communication within reach.  Just to be able to find out short-cuts to make every-day life easier is priceless. The internet allows this, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to solutions.

Once it was established that there is almost no question that cannot be answered with sites like Suri, ask Jeeves, ask Mr. robot,, or questions to ask just about an instant comfort level is a done deal. Stress relief can be dealt with by the user’s own hand, in privacy. The search engine’s power is endless.

There are claims that social media as a stress release for women or anyone else is not supported by scientific evidence. This survey, however made empirical observation comparing females who used social media to females who did not. Most have not been surprised by these findings, but the survey does only provide an assessment of observations and is not a medical or scientific proving ground. The findings are supported by the “eyeball” test, however. It is evident by the number of people, not just women, who find comfort in spending hour upon hour of aimless on-line socializing. It is thought by many that people are held hostage by their computer, but many have found it to be the holy grail, and never have been more optimistic about what they can be privy to using it. Today with people able to be more mobile, it is comforting to be able to keep in touch with the past, as well as friends and family.

By Crystal Ball

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