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Stephen Colbert and CBS have sat down, worked it over with each other, and Colbert’s new role on the channel will premiere on Sep. 8. The comedic genius will be taking over David Letterman’s spot in the Late Show, ending Letterman’s two decade plus run with the series. But Nina Tassler, the entertainment chairman of CBS has stated how the show, now with Colbert running it, will be heavily reinvented.

Letterman’s retirement performance is scheduled for May 20, four months before Colbert takes center stage. This new project will be something that he is not familiar with doing, as his role on Comedy Central was him performing as a character. In his new position, he will be playing as himself before audiences and guests. There will also be other features that the comedian has to work with.

Tassler pointed out that he’s aware of the fact that he must be just as entertaining as his guests. It is unclear as to whether or not he will open the episodes with monologues or not, she added. Colbert, as part of the reinvention of late night talk shows, will not always stick to traditional styles. The biggest change, although, will be the addition of a musical group to play during each episode, and it appears that Paul Shaffer was chosen.

The transition from Comedy Central will be much easier for Colbert since a few of his staff from The Colbert Report will be joining him on his new show. He must be ecstatic about his new career leap as he said merely being a guest when David Letterman ran the show was a highlight for his blossoming career. After signing the deal to take over, he then made a statement saying “I never dreamed that I would follow in [Letterman’s] footsteps.” Needless to say, he is thrilled about his new position, and now has to “go grind a gap in [his] front teeth.”

With Stephen Colbert sitting in the drivers’ seat in the CBS hit show, one has to wonder what will become of Letterman once it is all said and done on May 20. The CBS chairman said that discussions were in the works on how to say farewell to the 20-year plus loyal network star, David Letterman. And with his departure comes a new lineup for the CBS night entertainment block.

Following Letterman’s retirement from the 11:35 p.m. time slot, CBS will use the rest of the summer to air their own prime-time showcases. More alterations involve James Corden grabbing the reins for the Late Late Show on Mar. 23. The previous host, Craig Ferguson relieved himself of that honor back in December. So at the moment, CBS in an interesting spot with such new talent coming to revamp their late night lineup. Colbert and Corden will no doubt bring their A-game.

While Colbert sits down and gets cozy with CBS, Comedy Central will also be replacing his show’s time slot with a new show, The Nightly Show, starring Larry Wilmore. With both channels seeing new talent this year, people are bound to award them their attention.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

New York Daily News
Rolling Stone
Twin Cities

Photo by Reid Rosenberg – Flickr License

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