Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11 Synopsis Shared [Video]


The synopsis for the 11th episode of Supernatural season 10 has now been shared online. Fans were already teased just after the mid-season finale with the trailer for the show’s return this month. Now they are teased with the idea that Demon Dean could really make a return.

The mid-season finale ended with Dean killing a number of humans. One of those was Claire Novak’s friends, and she is certainly not happy about that. However, Dean was certainly not in control. The Mark of Cain came back with a vengeance, and got him to do the dirty. It is now up to him, his brother and Castiel to find a way to get rid of the Mark.

It is not going to be that easy. Cain is slated to return later on in season 10 of Supernatural, but there are no clues as to why, yet. It is possible that he will come back asking Dean to kill him. That was the promise that Dean had made when he received the Mark. However, it is possible that the older Winchester brother will ask the Father of Murder to take the Mark back. It could certainly end up being an interesting discussion between the two.

As part of the new synopsis shared for Supernatural’s 11th episode of season 10, Castiel is one that comes up with a desperate idea to save his friend. According to the synopsis, Sam claims that it is the “single worse idea” he has ever heard. Could that mean he considers calling for Cain, or will he want to speak to Metatron?

Metatron definitely looks like he will end up at the Men of Letters’ hub. During the teaser trailer for the second half of Supernatural season 10, he is seen tied up somewhere underground. He looks extremely excited that Dean is going “nuclear” as he gives into the Mark and may become a demon again.

The episode is not wholly centered on Dean and his Mark of Cain. There is a mention of Crowley, who does not look to have the best of time in the trailer. At the end of the last episode, Crowley decided to let his mother Rowena out of the dungeons and allow her to join him as his second in command. However, it was clearly all a ploy. Rowena wants power, and manipulating her son was the perfect option. He will have to deal with his mother trying to take over Hell.

Misha Collins shared with The Hollywood Reporter that it is becoming a team effort to save Dean. His character Castiel is “instrumental” in getting rid of the Mark and getting his friend back. It looks like the second half of season 10 is going to be all about getting rid of the Mark and then possibly dealing with the aftermath when (or if) it is gone. The good news for Castiel fans is that his health is not so much of an issue since he received more stolen grace towards the beginning of season 10.

The next episode, The Hunter Games, airs on January 20 on the CW channel. The synopisis of Supernatural season 10, episode 11 definitely hints that Dean’s Mark of Cain is finally coming back to the forefront for fans.

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