Terrorists Still at Large in Paris


In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, French authorities say that there may be as many as six other terrorists at large in the city. It is believed that they all were part of the same cell group as the two brothers and Coulibaly.

One member of the terrorist cell was seen driving the mini Cooper that belonged to Coulibaly’s widow, Hayat Boumeddiene. This news comes from two police officials who relayed the news to the Associated Press. It is unknown if the driver is an active terrorist or is merely involved in logistics.

Hayat has been spotted in Turkey on CCTV at the passport control office. The foreign minister of Turkey said that she passed through there on January 2 and went on into Syria about two days later. She was seen with a man who is not on the watch list. Once in Syria, authorities believe she went into territory that is controlled by ISIS terrorists.

There is currently some conflict about whether she was actually in the terrorist attack on the grocery store or not. Some media sources indicate that she had already left France about six days prior to the attack, and others say she was present with her husband at the store.

Another reason why some believe there are other terrorist members still in Paris is because someone posted the video of Coulibali. In it, he talks about his membership in al Qaeda. After the attack, someone edited the site.

In response to the presence of terrorists from the same cell group being still at large in Paris, France has mobilized 10,000 security force members. These have been posted around the country at possible key targets. The Interior Minister of France, Bernard Cazeneuve, said that 4,700 security force personnel have been posted at the 717 Jewish schools in the country.

A report has come out that the attack may claim another indirect victim, that of French Police Commissioner Helric Fredou. He reportedly met with one of the Charlie Hebdo victim’s family just hours prior to his own suicide. His co-workers stated that he had been suffering from burnout and depression. He was 45, single and had no children.

The remaining staff of the Charlie Hebdo magazine will be publishing a special edition in honor of those staff members who died in the attack. They do not intend to give in to the pressure of terrorists. Instead of their usual 60,000 copies, the paper will print 1 million copies, and it will contain caricatures of Mohammed, they say. The staff is currently using the facilities of the Libération newspaper, where they are guarded heavily.

A car bomb blast occurred shortly before the attacks on the Jewish grocery store. It happened in the town of Villejuif, which is south of Paris, but never received any significant press coverage because no one was injured.

In the march in Paris yesterday, where it is believed that three-and-a-half million people marched, and 40 heads of state participated, the White House admits it should have sent someone of higher stature to represent America’s support of freedom of speech and the press. The U.S. ambassador to France was present, but a top-ranking official should have been there. The apparent problem was that not enough time was alloted to work out the security details. Secretary of State John Kerry indicated that he will be visiting Paris later this week. France’s Prime Minister, Manuel Valls said that the threat to France is still urgent. Terrorists are still believed to be at large in Paris.

By Mike Valles


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