The Vampire Diaries Is Losing a Cast Member for Season Seven

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is losing a cast member for season seven. Actor Steven R. McQueen has said that he is stepping down from the show during the current series. However, there is the possibility that he will be available for guest star spots, similar to the way that Claire Holt continues to appear on spin-off The Originals.

The news comes just a night after hearing that The Vampire Diaries was among a number of shows to get an early renewal. Supernatural, The Flash and Arrow have also received early renewals, along with all other fall shows. Many fans have wondered whether the TV shows would continue, especially the likes of the longest running two on the network.

Rumors spread during the summer that season six of The Vampire Diaries would be the last. All the contracts only ran up to season six, and one of the main three actors had reportedly decided against signing on for a seventh season if it did get picked up. It seems now that it was one of the more minor main actors that has decided against signing on.

Now many fans want to know how The Vampire Diaries will lose the cast member for the seventh season. It turns out that he is stepping back from the show from the middle of the sixth season. Julie Plec confirmed that his character will say goodbye to Mystic Falls in episode 14 of the current season.

However, the good news is that he is not dying. Plec confirmed that she could never kill Jeremy. Not only would she have fans banging down her doors, but it would make it very difficult for main character Elena. McQueen plays Nina Dobrev’s character’s little brother. The two have already lost all their other family members, so killing off Jeremy would be heartbreaking.

The show already did that temporarily during the fourth season. It ended up with Elena turning her emotions off for a few episodes, giving Dobrev a different character to play. However, Jeremy was brought back in the season four finale, opening up for Bonnie to die and become the anchor for the other side.

Plec did note that Jeremy is no longer a boy. The character has become a man, and it is time for him to move on. Part of that means going off to art school during the 14th episode of the current The Vampire Diaries season. It is a difficult decision, but one that the show runners have to do on a regular basis, especially on a show with such a large cast.

Plec and Caroline Dries decided that it was time for Jeremy to grow up. Rather than die, it is time for him to move on. Before they decide anything, they look at how taking a character out will affect others. They also want to make sure there is a good bye for the fans.

There are still possibilities of other characters leaving. Nobody has yet confirmed whether they have definitely signed up for a seventh year. Reports show that only two of the main characters have signed on, but no names have yet been shared. It is still possible that The Vampire Diaries could lose Elena, Damon or Stefan in season seven.

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