Video Game Speedrun Marathon Kicks Off 2015

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Now that 2015 has begun, an annual week-long speedrun marathon of countless video games can reign over Twitch. From Saturday January 4, to Saturday January 10, video games will be played while donations are accepted for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event is known as Awesome Games Done Quick.

Awesome Games Done Quick is an event that happens once a year, the beginning of every year. Bringing in speedrunners and viewers from across the globe, this event brings in massive amounts of donations, many of which go into raffles for video game related prizes. One moment in one game, saving the animals or killing the animals in Super Metroid, brought in $75,000 last year. In addition to helping raise money the event helps twitch streamers get more viewers and brings people together to a common interest. A community that works together is a community that thrives.

Alongside the stream, The Yetee is selling T-shirts and donating a portion to the same foundation as the rest of the stream. Throughout the week The Yetee will be offering different deals for those coming from the video game stream. Each shirt will cost $11 and $3 will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Still unsure about this speedrunning concept? Consider a game that would be fun to play, maybe fun to watch and possibly nostalgic. What if an individual knew all the secrets and could beat the game in less time than it takes to watch a movie while racing against someone doing the same thing. This is one of the runs from last year’s event. The game is Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

The event this year kicked off with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and will have an hour finale after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Between the two, all sorts of video games will be played in all sorts of manners. Diddy Kong Racing has three people competing for the best time, Super Monkey Ball will be played on Master difficulty, Within a Deep Forest will have commentary from one of the developers and somehow puwexil will attempt to beat Final Fantasy VII in three hours.

No matter if these runners are playing through Half Life 2 Episode 2 in less than an hour or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! in less than a half an hour, most streamers are used to small viewer counts, something less than a hundred. As of the first day of the stream, more than 100,000 people are watching at a moment and more than $75,000 has been raised.

Every new year starts off with a week-long video game speedrun marathon to raise money for a health related organization. Awesome Games Done Quick is a part of Games Done Quick, which does another event in the summer, known as Summer Games Done Quick. Both use video games as a means to bring people together for a great cause. For gamers or anyone curious, the stream will be running nonstop all week.

By Garrett Jutte
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