Watch Bill Gates Drink Water From Human Feces [Video]


The Microsoft founder drank a glass of water created from human feces as he showed off a processor he said could help eliminate the drinking water problem the world faces today. In the video below Bill Gates can be seen watching the human waste as it is fed into the processor and then ingesting the results from a glass.

The mogul said once tests are completed, which is expected later this year, he wants to begin sending processing plants around the world. WaterAid wants to help Gates spread the wealth to urban areas. The charity said there are at least 748 million people across the globe that do not have clean water to drink.

Peter Janicki, the OmniProcessor system’s developer, explained the process by saying the first step is to boil the raw “sewer sludge.” This procedure separates the water vapor from the solids. The solids are then put into a fire to produce steam that drives an engine producing electricity, not only for the system’s processor but for the local community as well. Once this process is finished the water goes through a cleaning system to produce clean and safe drinking water.

UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report in 2013 that revealed 2.5 billion people around the world did not have improved sanitation facilities. This data was collected two years prior to the report’s release; according to WaterAid, this number has dropped about 20 million since that time. Gates stands by this new technology and its safety. He said:

The water tasted just as good as any I have drunk from a bottle. After studying the engineering behind this technology I would be happy to drink it every day. It is that safe.

According to Gates, the reason it is beneficial to turn waste into electricity and drinking water is because at least 700,000 children die from diseases caused by poor sanitation every year. In addition, many more are prevented from developing fully physically and mentally. If safe and affordable ways can be developed to get rid of human waste more children can grow up health and many deaths can be prevented.

WaterAid believes the technology could initially benefit those who already have access to some sanitation rather than those who do not. The goal is to get the price point low enough for small investors or entrepreneurs to afford. This could make the processor a catalyst for changing the sanitation in the developing world. The charity said:

The introduction of this type of plant could help to facilitate the need to complete the sanitation cycle, by creating a market for the formation of a sustainable service which centers around the safe collection, treatment, transportation, disposal and reuse of human waste.

Bill Gates took a trip to witness the new machine which turns human feces into electricity and clean, safe drinking water. The OmniProcessor, which was created by Janicki Bioenergy, past the taste test and according to the Microsoft icon is, “The real deal.” Take a look at the video below to watch the mogul drink water that was human waste just a few minutes prior.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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Photo by  Thomas Hawk – Flickr License

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